the joys of a 2nd grader and a father

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of vacation and celebration

it has been customary that we usually spend the celebrations we have on the first week of june in an out of town trip.

this year was just that - a whole week vacation in luzon - to end summer  in the summer capital, to have birthdays in seperate locations and celebrate the anniversary in the nation's capital.

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happy mother's day

To the superhero without a cape.
The one with the hardest job in the world.
The one to contend with the family and me.

To the mother of my two sons.
The one who disciplines.
The one with a caring heart.

Happy Mother's day - Allison.

 photo MOTHERSDAY_zpsfd4f4c39.jpg
Wifey Alli with the two boys - Azi & Zai.
boys bonding time surely is all smiles when spent with you.

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hope you like my present.



April is about to end; and this summer has been quite eventful to say the least.

 photo summer2014_zps75050983.jpg  this has been Summer2014, so far.

We have been to a handful of beach outings -- early trip to Sumilon Island, Boracay, Maribago, Cebu Beach Club, Seaview beach resort in Sibulan, Negros for the Holy Week.

And this is not counting a couple more beach trips come May.

So yeah, summer has been the -- B.E.A.C.H. Sunkissed skin, Sand and Fun. 

final dose:
cheers to all beach lovers, enjoy summer 2014!



This family blog usually gets left behind when everyone is busy. Updating it on a weekly basis just does not get squeeze in the schedule. So February went by without us sharing our trip to Sumilon Island and our early five day summer trip to Boracay.

And the culprit, for the busy excuse.... business.
Yes, business is booming and I mean projects have been keeping me sane and insane. 

We got two residential projects on the way, one just started with the stake out last week and the other is to start in two weeks time. Plus one more interior fit-out project for a culinary school also to start pretty soon. 

 photo PASTORSPLACE_zpsa727e4ee.jpg
a residential project for a lawyer couple.
  photo BINGBLINGSCRIB_zps0c5eb7de.jpg
a residential project for a good friend.

 photo MOSTPRESENT1_zps823eccf1.jpg
an interior fit-out project for a culinary arts school.

All these have taken it's time on me, but I am happy to share these right here. Like I said, 2014 will be a great year.

final dose:
hope to close a deal on two more interior projects. cross fingers.
visit the A.Cortes Architecture + Design to view other works.