the firstborn is 8

Happy Birthday to our firstborn.
How time flies, you our now eight years old. And as you proudly say it... you are on your pre-teen.
Oh please don't grow so fast our Zai Angelo.

eight years old and proud!

celebrate like how world champions are! lol

final dose:
you will always be the number one, our son.


die hard die mannschaft!

Danke Germany.
World Cup Champions 2014!

cheers for the champions! Deutschland!

on the way to watch the finals game. Germany all the way!

final dose:
until the next world cup, let's do it all over again!


the joys of a 2nd grader and a father

this post in pictures for now...
created on the mobile device, to be edited soon...


of vacation and celebration

it has been customary that we usually spend the celebrations we have on the first week of june in an out of town trip.

this year was just that - a whole week vacation in luzon - to end summer  in the summer capital, to have birthdays in seperate locations and celebrate the anniversary in the nation's capital.

more pictures to follow...

final dose:
this post will be edited the moment the author gets a break from watching the worldcup games.


happy mother's day

To the superhero without a cape.
The one with the hardest job in the world.
The one to contend with the family and me.

To the mother of my two sons.
The one who disciplines.
The one with a caring heart.

Happy Mother's day - Allison.

 photo MOTHERSDAY_zpsfd4f4c39.jpg
Wifey Alli with the two boys - Azi & Zai.
boys bonding time surely is all smiles when spent with you.

final dose:
hope you like my present.