to trick or treat & beyond!

Last year was Bumblebee, since the Transformers movie was showing that year. And with Toy Story three out this 2010, we just had to make our little boy - Zai Angelo into Buzz lightyear for Halloween, as he has loved Buzz ever since the first Toy Story movie.

He sure did enjoy trick or treating and beyond around our village.

our little boy in his Buzz lightyear costume
the Corteses wishes everyone a Happy Halloween

More photographs of Buzz Lightyear gone trick or treating this Halloween when you click here.

final dose:
one of the five P's that toni had to finish for the month of October.


kia ora!

Hi, my name is Zai. I am four years old. I was Mr. New Zealand in my school's United Nations' celebration, and I won as Mr. United Nations for the ECE level, I also have the best in talent award.

me and Mardi, we represent New Zealand

My mom took a video of me when I was on stage for my introduction, she also made the speech that I said.

Hello everybody! My name is Zai Angelo Cortes, a K1 student of Marie Ernestine School – North Campus, and I represent the beautiful island country of New Zealand!
My country has many mountains, forests and volcanoes. Do you know the movie The Lord of the Rings? It was filmed there. New Zealand is rich with flora and fauna, like our national symbol, the kiwi. This is a bird that cannot fly.
If in the Philippines, you say Mabuhay, in New Zealand, the land of the long white cloud, we say Kia Ora!
Thank you, everybody, and Kia Ora!

that's me onstage, i'm glad i memorized what i had to say

I had so much fun that day. There are more pictures of the event on facebook.

final dose:
i sure made my parents proud


love in the time of chickenpox

You woke up mid morning of a Saturday, you forcibly woke me up just to show me the blisters on your body. You were getting all concerned, the red spots seemed to look like shingles. I asked you what you ate the night before, you reminded me that you do not have any allergies. My wife, you had chicken pox. We later confirmed it when the red spots showed symptoms of what a Varicella Zoster virus is.

Of course you went ballistic. It was a disease you and your sisters have tried to avoid all these years. Then I realized how lucky I am to have had the disease when I was still young, because almost every time when an adult gets chicken pox, they are in for one heck of a bad experience. But I did not want to rub it in; you're having it, so I might as well help ease the itch.

I don't quite remember taking medication when I had the pox, so it was a bit surprising to me that the prescriptions given by the doctor were that costly. But who am I to complain, you were in pain and was worried about having scars. At one point you didn't even want me to look at you; you were quarantined. I had to crack corny jokes about our vows, in sickness or in health, you may be pretty or ugly, I don't have a choice but to do what a husband has to do.

It was breakfast, lunch and dinner in bed all the time. I made that clubhouse sandwich extra special for you, though you seemed to have lost your appetite, I'm glad you made me finish it. I'm happy you liked the movies I downloaded. I appreciate how you listen sometimes to my incessant "don't scratch" reminders. The oatmeal bath, I have to admit, was a hassle and pretty messy, but it was a sexy idea of us taking a shower together, with me rubbing the oats into your body. At night, I thank you for still letting me hug you even if you despise how the red spots have scarred your legs.

even with the red spots, it still is a sexy back

You were the queen (and will always be) for most of the two weeks and I was your happy servant. And if we ever go through the same situation again, without any doubt I will willingly do it, with great pleasure. And if there is one constant thing that I need to remind myself of, it is that I, your husband will do anything for you. Then I would also want to think that this is where the give and take saying will truly apply. LOL. Chicken pox and all, let me tell you that you will always be beautiful.

final dose:
love in all its majesty is what makes the world go crazy.


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Oh tis October

The first week just passed without me noticing how busy it was, and at the rate that things are going, I think I'm up to more busyness in this festive month. October is a month that wifey and I hold dear, it was during this time five years ago that we devoured every bottle of beer we could afford. It was Oktoberfest, needless to say, and we ended up drunk, happy and nasty almost each night of the whole month.

This year though, the month started not quite right. Instead of festivities, October welcomed us with unpleasantries. Chicken pox for wifey and bacterial infection for the little boy. And with only myself staying healthy, I had to juggle time going from one quarantined room to the other attending to two sick people. Luckily, my whole immune system withstood it.

Interestingly, this month has five Fridays, five Saturdays and five Sundays which as I have been informed through SMS only happens once in 823 years. You may not believe it but I think this works to my advantage. Given this fact, I have more weekends to do all the stuff that needs doing this month. If the month gives me five weekends then equally I also have five P's to give the month too.

P for pox, to which I assume would end by the week's end.
P for pata, to the two pork hind legs that I just cooked recently to delicious hamonada.
P for party, to the parties lined up for this month, from birthdays to gatherings.
P for program, to which the little boy would be joining by the last week of the month.
P for project, to which I would devote the whole month doing.

cheers! for it is October!

So it is October, even with the first week being so rough, the whole month still excites me, I may just have to end this blog and booze it up. It is Oktoberfest, needless to say.

final dose:
I wonder what paul the octopus' prediction will be about october 2010.