i am done with K1

Hi my name is Zai Angelo Arcenas Cortes, I am four years old, and I just finished my kindergarten one class.

My school, Marie Ernestine, just had our recognition day and I am one of the lucky students that received awards.

I did not only get one award but I have four awards. My mom and dad were so proud of me. I have an Award in Math, Award in Reading, Award in Arts and Award in Good Handwriting.

I have awards for Arts and Good Handwriting because maybe I got it from my dad, who is an architect. I have an award for Reading because my mom reads a lot and she teaches me how to read very well. I have an award for Math because my Nana is very good in counting numbers, she is an accountant.

here i am receiving my award

My classmate Mardi got a medal, but I said to my mom and dad that I will have a medal when I will be in kindergarten two. So I just need to study more and be good in school.

My parents gave me a Harry Potter two cd as a gift and my ninang Maica, ninang Monica and ninong Justin gave presents too because they were proud of me also.

I am just so happy to be done with kindergarten one and I am excited for kindergarten two, I am happy also that I made my parents very proud of me.

You can see more pictures of my school's recognition day in facebook.

final dose:
school is cool!


view from the top

Being the supervising architect of a construction project gets tiring, in a way. All the dust and dirt, the noise and smell, the details you need to check, drawings you need to implement and the flow of work you need to organize, plus all the nitty gritty parts of the whole thing. The only reward I get from all these is the learning experience to further enhance my craft.

The project is right smack in the heart of the bustling metropolis. I look down and see the busy streets of the city, and from my vantage point, this site is as busy as the view below.

And as I clamor for a breath of fresh air, I go higher up to the roof deck, and I get a 360° view of Cebu.

this view of the city is just picturesque

Being the supervising architect of a construction project gets tiring, in a way. But I am starting to get used to it. The only other reward that I wish to have, is that one day, I will be the one others will learn from.

final dose:
we are not bound to love our job, but liking what we do can make us work better.


his future work?

Our son can talk to anybody on the phone for hours on end. Even if he has not met the person yet. Even if it is his first time to talk to a total stranger.

He definitely can be a telemarketer, a call center agent, a sales representative or like that person who calls you in the middle of dinner and talks to you about some product their company is selling. Someone annoying perhaps.

Well, the good thing here is - he certainly converses well, just take a look and see how he gets irate too.

final dose:
our son, what a silly kid.


given to fly

Sometimes, things happen when you least expect it. Sometimes, things come in the most opportune time. Sometimes you wish it would have been earlier or a little later. But when it’s presented to you right then and there, it leaves you with only two choices - either you take it or refuse it.

Since my resignation, I have been happily staying at home for the first two months of the year; during which, I have established quite a routine and have luckily managed to keep myself busy with things. I stopped looking for a job, since I thought I was able to get at least one project per month, and financially we were able to handle it a bit. And when all things were running pretty smoothly, then came a job offer.

Initially, I would’ve gladly signed the contract right there and then. But on second thought, I would not want to let go of the freedom of my own time, me being my own boss. But I did. I took the offer, hesitantly though. And I let go of my so-called home office with a heavy heart.

And with the first week of my new work just barely over, it had been a learning experience to say the least. I could not say that I love what I am doing now, but I am trying to.

In an industry dominated by skilled workers, ostentatious engineers, conversant project managers, supercilious suppliers, this is quite invigorating. And I, the architect, am the most determined to gain as much knowledge as I can.
i believe i can soar to new heights

Final dose:
And sometimes is seen, a strange spot in the sky… a human being that was given to fly…