el familia

the future is now
theirs is history

the reign starts in the middle

vito is to toni
carmella is to alli
santino is to zai

final dose:
just wishful thinking
the Corteses don't want to be mobsters


a speaking engagement

medical stuff has never been of any interest to me.

During our pre-school graduation, we were made to walk to the middle of the stage and proudly say what we dream of becoming when we grow up. There was the usual programme and awarding, together with a song and dance presentation. I can vividly remember the stage background was that of the big shoe house and that one by one, we eagerly waited for our turn to be in front of the microphone stand. Graduation is almost always a proud moment for everyone. I can recall most of my classmates if not all had almost the same answers on what they want to be when they grow up.

I want to be a nurse, says one tall girl, who I remember to sport straight long hair. I want to be a doctor, says one bully boy in our batch. Further on, there were three more kids who had the same dream of becoming a doctor. If my memory serves me right, I think we were about 30 graduating pre-schoolers and more than half of the batch wanted to be either a nurse or a doctor. Others answered they wanted to be teachers, engineers and even a priest for one . When it was about my turn, the girl in front of me hesitantly said in a low pitched tone -- I want to be a scientist. Beforehand, I knew what I was going to say, as we were told about this a week before graduation as well as in our rehearsals.

So when I was in front of the microphone, I excitedly and proudly shouted -- when I grow up, I want to be a COWBOY!!!

Be it in utter amazement or in undeniable shock, I was standing in front of parents who either had their jaws dropped or eyebrows raised. I had a glimpse of my dad giving that okay thumb sign while nodding his head and beside him was my mom sporting a bemused smile with eyes getting bigger as her lips spread wider. I knew for sure I had a unique answer but was confused about the mixed reactions it drew. Cowboys are always portrayed as the "good guys" in movies as opposed to Indians -- this answer should have been explained if we were given the opportunity at that time. From that day on, I knew for certain that I didn't have any interest at all in any medical field, even if my parents had encouraged me to study medicine so I can find a cure for my being hemophilic.

I went on to study architecture as there were no courses offered for one to be a cowboy.

When I visited Mandaue a couple of weeks ago, I bumped into our good neighbor Tynie. She invited me to be a lecturer for her PT class, to which I was not able to say no. Tynie gave me a book on physical therapy, which I read a week before the scheduled date. I never expected to find myself studying a medical book, much more understanding the medical terms and stuff. But I have to -- since I would not want to shame myself. So last week, I found myself speaking in front of medical students and a couple of medical faculty members. Actually, they were physical therapists from the Cebu Institute of Medicine. I wore a clean white polo which blended with the white uniform medical students wear.

I delivered my insights, through an architect's point of view, on how to go about creating a physical therapy center.

For a little over an hour, I was standing on a platform, microphone in hand, talking about architectural processes needed in a medical facility. Lecturing about the factors to consider, components in construction, area computations, planning stages, designing phases and all other architectural stuff -- from plumbing and lighting, to the materials and even the decor. There was a good exchange of questions and answers after the lecture, which I definitely learned a lot from. I know I don't have enough knowledge in physical therapy, but I have had personal experiences in going through physical therapy itself. My studies in architecture sure did come in handy, all the insights coming out of my mouth were all stocked knowledge and based on a few experiences in the industry.

I may never have like the medical stuff, but for once, I have tried to understand it in order to come up with a good hour of lecture. It was a fulfilling speaking engagement.

final dose:
thanks to tynie for the opportunity and for the token as well
thanks also to the PT department of CIM for the free lunch


hoping it runs in the blood

i sit on a high chair and he reminds me to stay as still as possible.
sometimes i have my sisters beside me, more often than not, i'm all by myself.
he strokes and almost always it's black and white, a sepia tone depends on his mood, it can be colorful if he likes it.

my dad, the painter.

As cliche as it is, art, the same with beauty -- is in the eyes of the beholder.
my father's work has never been famous and equally, has never been commercialized. I am not an expert in art criticism nor will I be able to put into writing the appropriate descriptions to my dad's artwork. His is in abstract, of happy thoughts, of anguish, in pointillism, in mixed media, and to whatever terms a good writer uses as adjectives. In his art collection, you can see paintings from Galang, Kimsoy and other famous artists, which he got when they exchanged artworks. He told me that he had a one-time exhibit when he was still in his early thirties. Once he thought that he took what seemed to be a promising path and later realized there's always been a lack of support for artists and painters.

At one point, I felt how unfortunate I was not to inherit his artistic talents, blaming my mother's chromosome that I knew for sure carried less strings of artistry. Making me into a mediocre, hopeless artist.
Well good thing, I already erased that negative thought in my mind.

Taking up architecture instead of fine arts proved to be an eye-opener -- I knew then... I have artistic skills!!! It may not be in the fine arts or painting but definitely, there's an underlying creative artistry in me. -- I went on, confident and proud, to draw architectural plates, floor plans, perspectives and creative architectural ideas.

has my father been proud of me?? I asked -- had he wanted me take a different course instead??

Now, I can't blame myself that this early, I also have thoughts on what my son would take up when he will be in college. Will he have artistic skills also?? Will I encourage him to take either architecture or fine arts??

But then again, I will always have to let him choose what he wants. Knowing that's how my dad treated me - giving me the free will on what course I want to take up.

Although it would not hurt that I teach my little boy some tips and tricks on drawing. Instead of the basic ABCs first, we'll go advance learning on drawing and artwork. =)

final dose:
zai enjoying the art of doodling in his "sketchpad"
if you view closely (click picture to enlarge), he drew a very nice cartoon character


to the older sister

she regularly sends text messages of inspirational quotes
and never fails to ask how we're doing
she reminds us to never lose hope
and that everything will get along fine
she has the determination to succeed
and includes us always in her dreams

happy birthday sister Wanda Marie !!!

though distance may have separated us physically
you'll always be part in our thoughts daily

wanda carrying angelo in the picture

final dose:
wanda stars on "yet another pathetic attempt at human trafficking" a blog by tita bambit. read the whole story when you visit balay ni bambit


family of three

three NAMES:
TONI = inot, tonio, dingdong
ALLI = alli, allison, sonix
ZAI = angelo, zac, cordapio

three JOBS:
such varied jobs i had...
1. disk jockey (half a year with DYNU 107.5)
2. art teacher - best buddies (art for the mentally challenged)
3. architectural draftsman

1. Sales-Ops Officer in Advertising
2. Core/English Trainer (yay! i got promoted!)
3. wife (being a mother is effortless.. being a wife is harder..haha! love you, tonio!)

1. a bouncing baby
2. a cute little baby boy
3. a loving son

three PLACES i have LIVED:
1. Mandaue City (true blue mandauehanon)
2. Baguio city (summer capital of the philippines)
3. Urdaneta, Pangasinan (never wanted the ilokano way of living)

1. Cebu City (home sweet home!!!)
2. Diliman, Quezon City (college days)
3. Mandaluyong City (after-college days)

1. 9 months in my mother's womb
2. in my crib
3. Cebu City

three PLACES i have been on VACATION:
i've always believed that you need to tour your own country first
1. BAGUIO (above sea level)
2. CAMIGUIN (serene and pristine)
3. BORACAY (when the island was not yet that commercialized)

1. Bantayan Island (the best beaches, ever!!!)
2. Baguio City (the best ukay-ukay, ever!!!)
3. Puerto Galera (met tito rickie cui there, way cool beach bum!)

1. Bantayan Island
2. Negros Occidental
3. beaches of Cebu

three favorite FOODS:
all time favorite would be nos. 2 and 3
1. French Fries and Ketchup (kethchup is considered food, right?)
2. AROZ VALENCIANA (its rice with viand on it, so it's sort of a meal already)
3. KARE-KARE (my mom's kare-kare would still be the best)

1. chocolates!!! (and any chocolate-flavored food/dessert)
2. chicken curry, w/ lots of veggies (toni hates it coz of the coco milk. more for me!!!)
3. pizza (the kind with everything on it, plus extra cheese)

1. my mother's milk
2. cereal
3. biscuits and cookies

three PLACES i would rather be right now:
winning the lotto jackpot prize would help materialize these wishes...
1. HAWAII -- with my wife and kid, jam to jack johnson's music
2. ROME -- appreciate the architecture, the culture, the people
3. GERMANY -- watch football and enjoy the beer

1. Greece and the Mediterranean
2. Hawaii and/or the Bahamas or Palawan
3. Germany (okei fine, i'll agree with toni)

1. in my mother's arms
2. in my father's arms
3. in my crib sleeping

final dose:
title subject to change when an additional family member comes


thanks to doris

you can hear the screams in the background, shouts of crazy fanatics.

people cramming for spaces to get a closer look or even just for a clearer glimpse.
crowded, humid, noisy, sweaty --- oh god, i pity!

The aforementioned text can best describe the scenario at Paseo last month when the phenomenal rock band Bamboo had their promotional concert for Penshoppe. I have always been lucky to get free tickets to concerts and events when I was still connected with NU 107.
But the last time I watched a rock concert was way too long ago that I can't remember when. Back when I still considered myself juvenile, I can recall my body easily able to groove, rock and party hard -- head-banging memories with Eraserheads, Francis M., the Dawn, Wolfgang, Razorback, P.O.T. and other local artists.

I have never believed in the idea that when you age -- you tame. But that wasn't the case when I turned twenty something. During concerts, I am now just content to settle down with a beer in hand and a chit-chat or two with the companion I'm with, while enjoying the band play. Unlike those rock and roll days when I could feel myself injected with a rocket ship of energy that I didn't want the event/concert to end if I'm not able to get on the dance floor. I feel that I'm more into music appreciation and artist admiration now.

I told myself - where was the rockin' animal in me?

Well, I guess that question was answered when we watched Bamboo last month at Paseo. When Doris, Alli's good friend, informed us that they will be having a promotional gig with Bamboo, I thought that it will just be some simple launching coupled with a few songs. But I was wrong --- how can I not think that Bamboo always has that high energy and would not settle for just a mere appearance.

Doris gave us exclusive IDs and VIP passes. We were at the same area where the band stayed while waiting for their turn to rock the house. The distance was just an arm's reach, so you can imagine how we mingled with Bamboo, Ira, Nathan and Vic. We haven't got the pictures to prove it, because out of courtesy, we didn't want to act like crazy fans while near them.

Honestly I haven't seen Bamboo play yet. I know they have had some gigs in Cebu before, but I wasn't really interested, knowing how you go through the hassle of being in the crowd. But this time, that wasn't the case and damn, we were so lucky!
Bamboo's stage act is just incomparable, he jumps and do this crazy indescribable dance moves that as you watch him on stage, his energy is simply contagious that you can't help but dance along to their music. So there I was, rockin' and rollin' like crazy in the front row, air-punching, jumping and tapping Bamboo's hand. I even got to share my cigarette with Nathan. (you know i always have an admiration for bass players.)

I can admit that if given the best opportunity, there is always that rockin' animal in me ready to rock on. \m/
Thanks a lot to Doris for the experience. Without it, I may not have been able to release my rockin' old self. I hope that in future promotional gig with your company, you can always invite us back. =)

final dose:
it's always good to have connections
i just pity the people who were too far away, good thing there were two big screens
you can view more pictures of the event if you click here


the first birthday bash

party clown

I turned one last July 20, 2007. We had a party at the Sto. Nino Village Clubhouse at 5pm... it ended at 9pm.

We did not have the food catered since there were relatives and friends who volunteered to help prepare and cook. There was the crispylicious cebu lechon sponsored by Nana and Nano, the yummy fried chicken by Mommy Day and super-delicious chicken-macaroni salad by Tita Marle. Yaya Marita also cooked spaghetti. My godmother Pnut prepared lumpia shanghai and the cake was sponsored by ninangs Maica and Monica. And of course there was the yummylicious mango float by Tita Baby and family.

grandma Nida, ninang Wanda and aunt Nikki came all the way from Pangasinan and
Baguio for the celebration. My parents were shocked to see them, since they didn't mention any plans for coming over. This was the first time I met grandma Nida.

There were about ten kids.
6 year old Mickey, 3 year old RJ and 11 month old Svetlana (my cousins from mom's side).
3 year old Zion (my dad's goddaughter)
1 year and 7month old Brandon (our neighbor's son)
3 year old Sofia (my friend from across our house)
less than a year old babies of my parent's colleagues: Matthew, Chloe and Sassy
and 2 month old Charles Brian (yaya Cathy's son)

so so so so so so so cute little babies like me!!!

My party did not have the typical children's games since most of the kids cannot play, including me. So there was only a question and answer game about "how well do you know Angelo" which everyone could participate in, except for immediate family members. Prizes were also given to those who found stickers of Mumble, from the happy feet movie (which was also my birthday theme), beneath their chairs. Uncle Darth was one of the happy winners to receive glow sticks and lollipops as prizes.

Grandpa Toni, Uncle John and Nano with his friends, had some beer/wine drinking. Uncle Charlie went home early. The week before my birthday, my parents were so busy with the preparations - from the making of the invites to the buying of prizes and giveaways. After the party they said that next time we should just have it handled by an event organizer so it will be hassle-free, but I know that it was fulfilling for them.

The day after, we went to my pedia for my chicken pox vaccine and then met with grandma Nida, ninang Wanda, aunt Nikki and Nana for lunch.

Thank You to everyone who celebrated with me and Thanks also for the gifts!!!

you can view the
pictures of the event in Photobucket...by clicking here

you can also check my website for any updates:

final dose:
this post is long overdue... but it's still worth sharing =)


it's been a while

If you only have a 56k internet connection (or probably slower) at home, you lose your gusto of updating your blog site...
(this has been a debate before, but getting a broadband connection is not quite our priority for now, and so toni goes huhuhu)

But if you have the opportunity of getting free connection, then updates and posts from the mundane to the extraordinary are surely expected.

July was a busy month, but it was all worth it until the month ended --- from our son's birthday, friendly gatherings, concerts, heartwarming talks, to changes and promotions and even a few melodramatic moments that spiced up the 7th month of the year.

August is almost about to end, thankfully it has been wonderful so far.
It's been a while now that we haven't shared any doses from us...

Obviously, we are still -- for the lack of a better adjective -- breathing and kicking and blogging!
and in the works of updating, uploading, writing, drafting, and soon we'll be sharing...

picture taken during Zai Angelo's first birthday bash

final dose:
our company's IT department sucks big time!
what a way of blocking our access to the information superhighway...
hopefully, now that we have our internet access back, it will stay for long....