thanks to doris

you can hear the screams in the background, shouts of crazy fanatics.

people cramming for spaces to get a closer look or even just for a clearer glimpse.
crowded, humid, noisy, sweaty --- oh god, i pity!

The aforementioned text can best describe the scenario at Paseo last month when the phenomenal rock band Bamboo had their promotional concert for Penshoppe. I have always been lucky to get free tickets to concerts and events when I was still connected with NU 107.
But the last time I watched a rock concert was way too long ago that I can't remember when. Back when I still considered myself juvenile, I can recall my body easily able to groove, rock and party hard -- head-banging memories with Eraserheads, Francis M., the Dawn, Wolfgang, Razorback, P.O.T. and other local artists.

I have never believed in the idea that when you age -- you tame. But that wasn't the case when I turned twenty something. During concerts, I am now just content to settle down with a beer in hand and a chit-chat or two with the companion I'm with, while enjoying the band play. Unlike those rock and roll days when I could feel myself injected with a rocket ship of energy that I didn't want the event/concert to end if I'm not able to get on the dance floor. I feel that I'm more into music appreciation and artist admiration now.

I told myself - where was the rockin' animal in me?

Well, I guess that question was answered when we watched Bamboo last month at Paseo. When Doris, Alli's good friend, informed us that they will be having a promotional gig with Bamboo, I thought that it will just be some simple launching coupled with a few songs. But I was wrong --- how can I not think that Bamboo always has that high energy and would not settle for just a mere appearance.

Doris gave us exclusive IDs and VIP passes. We were at the same area where the band stayed while waiting for their turn to rock the house. The distance was just an arm's reach, so you can imagine how we mingled with Bamboo, Ira, Nathan and Vic. We haven't got the pictures to prove it, because out of courtesy, we didn't want to act like crazy fans while near them.

Honestly I haven't seen Bamboo play yet. I know they have had some gigs in Cebu before, but I wasn't really interested, knowing how you go through the hassle of being in the crowd. But this time, that wasn't the case and damn, we were so lucky!
Bamboo's stage act is just incomparable, he jumps and do this crazy indescribable dance moves that as you watch him on stage, his energy is simply contagious that you can't help but dance along to their music. So there I was, rockin' and rollin' like crazy in the front row, air-punching, jumping and tapping Bamboo's hand. I even got to share my cigarette with Nathan. (you know i always have an admiration for bass players.)

I can admit that if given the best opportunity, there is always that rockin' animal in me ready to rock on. \m/
Thanks a lot to Doris for the experience. Without it, I may not have been able to release my rockin' old self. I hope that in future promotional gig with your company, you can always invite us back. =)

final dose:
it's always good to have connections
i just pity the people who were too far away, good thing there were two big screens
you can view more pictures of the event if you click here


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