on to the first for the second!

Next month will be the first birthday of our second son Tristan Azi. Could you believe that?
It was just like yesterday when we were busy preparing for his christening, and now we're up for the preparation of his first birthday.

Well, time really flies fast.

We're not planning a big party, but just enough to call it a great celebration for a very wonderful blessing who is our second born. And these past days, wifey and I are working as a team on the many things to do by September 22.

Here's a sneak peek of what to expect.

The big brother is the one that's the most excited; he can't wait to suit up in his costume.

final dose;
we'll be sending invites within the week.


azi smiles

they say you have the rarest smile.
even how people tried to amuse you, they can't even make you smirk just a bit.

but i know you too well my second son. and i am proud to say that even with your smile so precious, you have one of the cutest of them all.

 photo http---makeagifcom--media-8-13-2013-WL_QHX_zps4b5e9e63.gif
look at how you goof around with the camera

final dose:
keep on smiling my 11 month old Tristan Azi, next month you'll turn one and that's a lot of reason for you to wear that big smile.