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you have never ceased to cheer us up
though at times you may be stubborn
you have always been our source of joy and inspiration

you make mom and dad proud of you!

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keep on smiling 'lil boy


die hard die mannschaft

Being hemophiliac hinders me from playing contact sports but of course it won't stop me from being a fan.

The world cup just ended, undeniably the world's most popular sport. Although the Philippines think otherwise as we have always been basketball loving citizens. Let me share here how I have enjoyed the month long celebration of the beautiful game of 2010.

Weeks before the tournament was to start, I was busy preparing for my licensure exam but I sure did find time to at least read updates and news about the world cup, I have been in anticipation you may say. June 11, the opening day was also the first day of my board examination. And since I promised myself not to be distracted with the sport, I miss the opening salvo.

The moment I flew back home, I checked the schedule, especially that of the team I'm rooting for - Germany.

Good thing during the first round, most of Germany's schedule was between seven to ten in the evening. So it was pretty convenient to watch it live. But watching at home lack the flair I experienced four years ago watching it in a pub. I enjoined wifey to watch the game between Germany and Serbia live at Badger's, a sports bar just very near our village. Sad to say it was the only lost of my beloved team in the first round.
With wifey saying she may be the jinx in that lost, she never cared to join me again watching another game, I knew it was her lame excuse, she never enjoyed one minute of it.

So I went to Badger's alone, and every time Germany was playing, I never cease to wear my die mannschaft football jersey. In the course, I found new friends, those of whom are die hard German fanatics too. We were waving flags, wearing Germany's color, chanting ole, ole, ole, one even brought a vuvuzuela.

I was truly disheartened with Germany's lost to eventual winner Spain. Worst, the now famous oracle octopus paul prediction was amazingly accurate. getting the third place for the second consecutive time was a mere consolation for Germany.

It was fun watching my team, it was a great run for them -- when nobody expected them to reach that far, what with the German, the only European team who invested so much on young players while others relied more on their veterans. I was cheering with much gusto seeing how fast and entertaining they play. Bastian Schweinsteiger, Arne Friedrich, Mario Gomez, Lukas Podolski, Per Maertesacker, Mesut Özil, Thomas Mueller -- these are the players with an average age of 25, no one with superstar status yet they showed the whole world how they play beautiful the beautiful game.

Zai rooting for Argentina with his authentic Argentina football jersey, moi with my fake.

final dose:
until the next world cup, when the world unite for the game, divided to stand with their colors!


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