a step at a time

Being busy shouldn't be an excuse. But it has been hectic for the past two weeks in ways explained in the next lines.

work. dammit. finding a new job. dammit.
Being busy with work is overrated and lame, but being busy trying to find a new job is taxing.

instant messenger status: six scintillating days to go.

I have started the countdown the day I tendered my resignation letter and the day I faced a dilemma. It's passion versus compensation. Of long-term goals and short-term benefits. From leaving routinary tasks to meeting new challenges. And of course by now you ought to know that I have decided, more than anything else, to pursue what I have always wanted to do with my career. Wifey has been the constant supportive partner and the one person who keeps letting me understand the things that need be.

Nevermind if life has been rough for the past couple of weeks.

At least we finally had a family summer outing in the middle of april and one in the making this coming weekend. The last task my would be ex-manager gave me is for the launching of a new incentive program for the account that has a deadline for friday. One more brainstorming with the "fun" commitee for the company's founding day on june will let me leave my last creative ideas for them to work on. It's a bit hard to leave the company I worked with for almost three years but things will be better once one has moved on, or so they say.

I never thought finding an architectural job would be as hard as composing a resignation story.

After my application with three companies I found myself presenting my portfolio at an architectural firm near the posh village of Maria Luisa park in Cebu. "You can start on may 12" are the sweet words that kept lingering in my ears while I made my way home. Finally! a day job, with a regular work schedule and rest days on weekends. Surely it will be more time with little boy and of course assured weekends with wifey and the rest of the family.

One more reason this summer has excited me, aside from our upcoming church wedding that is.

final dose:
one step closer to finally achieving my first project.


forty-eight years to go...

Exactly two years ago, Toni and I exchanged rings in a civil garden wedding ceremony. That was on the eighth of April, year 2006, and we were starry-eyed young lovers, ready to face the world hand in hand, daring anyone to cross our path and pull us down.

Exactly two years ago, Toni and I were eager for a child, excited about changing soiled diapers and breastfeeding, playing with the baby and being a family.

Exactly two years ago, we were naively optimistic. We were complacent in our own little world, never dreaming of the dragons we will have to conquer along the way.

It has been two years since that fateful wedding day, and boy, were we dumb. Dumb AND exceedingly ignorant. We knew nothing about babies and even less about the sleepless nights and incessant crying. Even dragons would be cowed by the wailing, red-faced alien masquerading as our baby. But persevere we did, since we really had no other choice, when you look at the big picture. And now...

Two years later, we ARE a family. We have been through falling down a step and pneumonia. We have been to Bantayan Island and Davao. We have been through some tears and a lot of laughter. It has all been worth it, worth the pain of childbirth and the nights of no sleep, worth the aching body and empty wallet, worth the permanent stretch marks and the loss of social life. I wouldn't trade places with Angelina Jolie herself.

So bring it on, world... we will face you together, and we dare anyone to cross our path and pull us down.

final dose:
Zai Angelo is ready and raring to slay his share of dragons!


pictures of summer

It is definitely summer and the weather outside is not at all delightful. To think that we live less than 20 kilometers from the island of Mactan, a 30-minute drive to the nearest beach still eludes us even during weekends. The tropical heat has noticeably been increasing every single year. We should have known earlier how threatening global warming is to our planet. I should have believed Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" documentary. And humbly saying, our simplest contribution to the anti-global warming movement is NOT buying a car. Well, not just yet. hehe. The blazing heat is just unbearable and the April fool's news that the Canadian government is secretly trying to speed up global warming is not very helpful.

I know how I can be incoherent with topics sometimes, but reading through what I just wrote, it seems to make sense, don't you think? All these blah blahs are the results of me desperately wanting to have a summer vacation with my family. Obviously, I'm envious about how our little boy gets to dip in his mini-pool anytime while I just watch over him.

So until our busy schedule permits us to go swimming, we're allowing Zai Angelo to enjoy his plastic mini-pool in the meantime.

final dose:
the first picture of you, the first picture of summer seeing the flowers scream their joy
-lotus eaters


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the little sacrament

Toward the end of this month, a little angel sprouted wings… and silk ribbons.

Anika was born on the eve of Cebu’s Sinulog mardigras, 2008. She is two months old now and has been quite a little screaming, crying, demanding, pooping bundle of joy. Her parents are our good friends and have admitted to having sleepless nights and totally stressed-out moments when taking care of this silk-clad princess. She is indeed a princess… tiny but demanding everyone’s attention and love.

Anika, as your godparents, we have promised to be here for you no matter what. And your ‘kinakapatid’ Angelo will watch over you when you grow older. He’ll make sure you’re home before curfew, you don’t drink too much, your friends are decent… the list goes on and on. And… he’s already started.

Angelo watches over Anika during her christening last March 29, 2008

We love you, little girl!!!

final dose:
Anika is March's quotable notable... and a very deserving one indeed.
The Corteses welcome you to the Christian World.