newsletter 2012

It's that wonderful time again of the year.
And for those who have been part of our mailing list and to those who we give out our newsletter annually,  please expect it to arrive early this year as we have made it a point to actually prepare and mail it earlier compared to the previous years.

And for those who won't be getting any hard copy of our newsletter, we never fail to post our electronic version. So here it is, the Corteses' holiday newsletter for 2012

This is our 7th edition.

Meaning for seven years already: we have been sharing to you guys what have we for the year. This year's newsletter includes the family photo we had for our first newsletter, back when we were a family of three.

final dose:
May the yuletide season bring joy, love and peace.
And may the spirit of Christmas be with you and your family all throughout the coming year. 
With our love and prayers. Merry Christmas from our family to yours.


welcome to the christian world

Last December 16, 2012 we celebrated the baptism of our second child. 


Welcome to the christian world Tristan Azi A. Cortes !!!

Allow us to especially mention the people who made the event wonderful:
  • Mommy Day and Mom Rosanna for the two yummy lechons.
  • Maica for the very festive looking cake.
  •  Mhon for taking care of the venue set-up
  • Mommy Nida for sponsoring the photobooth
  • Smilerrific for making the event memorable through the beautiful pictures, speaking of which - check Smilerrific on facebook for photos of the event - click here.
And Thank you to all those dear to us who have attended the event. Thank you to all who celebrated and gave gifts.

final dose:
to the godparents of our Tristan Azi, this marks the start of your responsibilities. hehehe


the Baptism

It has been over six years that we have prepared for a baptism celebration. And with our new little one almost three months now, it's time we welcome him to the christian world.

This 16th of December 2012, to our dearest friends and family in the island of Cebu and those who are coming over from different parts of the country and the world; please join us in the Christening of Tristan Azi A. Cortes.

Baptism will be at five in the afternoon at Sacred Heart Parish Baptistry, D. Jakosalem Street, Cebu City. Reception to follow at Captain A's, Don Jose Avila Street, Cebu City.


final dose: 
please come in shades of blue and red. 


newest Cortes

drum roll please.....even if this post may be a bit too late.

Help us welcome the newest member of our family.

Tristan Azi Arcenas Cortes

Born: 22 September 2012 @ 125pm - 6.13lbs, 51cm

Our little boy Zai Angelo is now 6 years old and a proud big brother.
From a family of three, the Corteses now is a family of four with two boys, one man and a queen.


This early, signs are showing that little boy Tristan Azi has similarities with his big kuya Zai Angelo, just have a look at this photograph below.


final dose:
we will be posting more pictures soon of Tristan Azi.


hooray for 6th!!!

For all the tears, the trials, the fights, the misunderstandings, the downs to the ups, the laughter, the joy, the dreams and the love.

the Corteses celebrating the anniversary in Bantayan Island again.

All these we celebrate. Happy 6th year for us. It is always and still better when we’re together.

Final dose:
All the love. Mwaaah.


madness in may

I haven’t shared how life was for me the last couple of months; you see, busy will always be the constant excuse. But when I feel like rambling about something I terribly didn’t like, this blog offers a very good outlet.

I have been with Robinsons Land Corporation for a little over a year, shifting from the hotel architect to the mall architect. There’s a big difference from the former to the latter. The latter seems to take more of a toll --with its paper works, constructions and projects; plus I’m handling two buildings at that.

Now let’s go to that rambling part, which is the reason why this entry was made.
Just recently, the boss said these lines to me over the phone: 
“Toni, huwag namang spoon-feeding, maging resourceful ka”
I could have just let these words passed through my ears, but it questioned me a whole lot to the point of being disturbing.
That’s total BS! Whadda ef!
Who you spoon feeding ey? Aint I resourceful ey?

I had my share of fun figuring out how to come up with computations on construction refunds because I wasn’t really taught on the onset; I had merry moments searching for documents, looking for contacts, completing unfinished paper works and I took it very well as a challenge since no formal turnover was really made. I took the initiative to bring my own camera, my own steel measure, I even took from my own pocket the load credits needed to contact necessary contractors and suppliers, because these were not provided and how foolish I was to expect that it should be. I had little trouble though understanding my compensation being commensurate with my work load. And oh yes, until now I still hold that promise of a formal training at the head office; but I’ll take it in stride since a lot was to be expected of me – no spoon feeding and be resourceful, which I presume never ask the boss for guidance.

What’s ironic though is that when I make a decision with the boss’ blessing and then suddenly there’s a change in direction, the boss washes his hands as good as how Pontius Pilate did, guess that’s how resourceful it can get.

I can go on and make a list of how this oh-so-good company values its employees, how hierarchy in position is ever so important with imperial manila bosses, but  that should be some other time when I feel like rambling again. It took me 30 minutes less to play with my little man just composing this; my work entails a lot of time and I don’t want to take more of it at home.

final dose:
i am resilient, i just needed to let this out. 


the picture of love comes in black & white

Take a closer look at this picture, right there it says fetus, 11 weeks old.

Please help us welcome our new member of our family.

Down below is a video of how the soon-to-be big brother reacted about this oh-so-good news.

life is beautiful.... and it's getting better everyday.

final dose:
The Corteses will soon add another section on this family website.


the color of love is crimson

I was romantic,
because I got so comfortable with what I have.
I should be more romantic,
because I would want to treasure life's every moment.
I will be always romantic,
because I will never want to lose the ones I love the most.

and though I may not be good with words,  I have profound belief that actions will always speak louder.
and that my actions shall never fail the loves of my life... never again.

Allison, my wife: thank you so much for making me better.
Zai, my son: you'll always remain my ultimate inspiration.


final dose:
Hope you guys enjoyed our valentines weekend.


party like it's 2thousand and 12!

Yay! it's the new year!
The year that's supposed to be the end of the world, but we ain't believin'
We welcome 2012 with great optimism, even though 2011 had an unpleasant ending.

welcoming 2012, Alli and Zai watching the fireworks upclose.

this year, we will learn more, be even more merry and strive much more.

rock on 2012!

party like, like it's the end of the world
we gonna party like, like it's 2012
you know that it doesn't matter
turn it up turn it up mash it up
it ain't the end of the world

final dose:
happy new year everyone!