the year is 2010 and it has been great so far

This blog has been pretty silent for the past couple of months; the reason for that being with so many things going on, blogging takes too much time, but there's just so little to spare.

But yeah, it is 2010 and the year so far has been freaking great!

Compared to others my age, I feel that it's a little late for me to have achieved what I have right now... I could have had all these five years prior. But I did not and am no less proud. The blessings have come at the most appropriate time, where I can look back at my past and proudly say today - that despite what I have been through, I made it right back on track.

So yeah, 2010, thank you for this. You got me WHERE I've always wanted to be - happily married to a loving wife, doting father to a smart little boy and a proud licensed architect.

So what lies ahead . . . from where I am, the future looks bright. I am optimistic.

allitoni @ The Manila Hotel during the oath taking

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in high hopes and gay