Death of Opposing Forces

It's strange how I have so many things to say, but when it comes to starting a story, or an essay, or this blog... my mind goes blank.

But then again, when it comes to activities and trips, I plan to the most minute detail, and I calculate and balance the books to the last cent.

So this makes me........... a contradiction.

Each person is a contradiction of sorts. My mother is a strong, intelligent woman who seems to be emotionally reliant on my undeserving dad. My youngest sister is beautiful and has a lot of friends, but is in constant need of affirmation and attention. My husband is a huge basketball and football fan, but is too lazy to exercise.

I started this blog in June, and totally forgot about it. It is now November, and I intend to finish what I want to say.

Contradictions are healthy when you use the two sides to keep yourself balanced and centered. It is not advisable to always give in to your emotions, just because you're THAT kind of person, nor is it a good idea to keep your feelings to yourself, as this will cause cancer cells to thrive in your poisoned body.

Contradictions are NOT healthy when you say one thing but do another. When you are friendly in front of a person, but stab him in the back when the opportunity arises.

These contradictions need to be smoothed out. They need to cease existing. They need to be annihilated.

A way must be found.