our 2010 christmas card

We had started giving out our annual Christmas card. This has been our fifth by far, and as always we post our online edition to those who unfortunately are not part of our mailing list. And so here it is.


And since our Christmas card is also our annual newsletter, we usually share the memorable stories that had happened for the year, but with this year's card not able to accommodate everything, we had only put in the significant milestones for 2010.

Now here is the extended version of our Christmas newsletter:

Time flies by so fast, doesn't it? It's the end of the year once again, and time for our annual Christmas Card to our dear family and friends.

In March, we went to Angelo’s school’s Recognition Day. His class “graduated” from Nursery and Angelo was awarded a Class Merit for Good Conduct and Behavior (much to our surprise).

School was out, and we wanted Angelo to keep busy over the summer, so we enrolled him in “Ninja School” aka Arnis classes. He went twice and played the whole time. We enrolled him in Swim School instead. He loved it. Loved his goggles, loved the water, and now isn’t afraid to jump into the deep end (using arm floaters, hehehe).

Two of our best friends got married and we went with them on their honeymoon on the first week of May. We flew to Manila, rode a bus to Batangas Pier, and took a boat to Puerto Galera. It was nice… nothing like Boracay and Bantayan, but a nice experience nevertheless.

After last year’s setback, Toni finally took his Architecture board exams in June. As most of you may already know… he is now Architect Antonio G. Cortes II. He has realized his dream at last, and is all set to change Cebu’s skyline.

July was a very hectic and family-filled month. It was my Aunt Fe’s and Uncle Manuel’s Golden Wedding Anniversary, and we were running around all over Cebu to finalize the wedding details while squeezing in as many family outings as we could. We squeezed in Angelo’s 4th birthday pool party, with just his cousins as guests. We were also able to squeeze in an island hopping trip to Pandanon, which both kids and adults enjoyed to the fullest.

Alli has been working for a different company since mid-November. She is now Senior Lead Foundation Trainer For Aegis People Support.

We have been very blessed this year, and continuously thank the Lord for good health, true friends and a wonderful family. This holiday season and for the coming year, we hope and pray that the joys exceed the sorrows, and that there is more laughter in your life than there are tears.


final dose:
Merry Christmas, from our family to yours, and a Happy New Year!


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final dose:
Christmas season is definitely for kids