my vow not to buy anything at cdr king

This post will be my vow not to buy anything at CDR king from now on.

Yesterday (24June2013) was my first time ever to buy at CDR king. I can't even believe it was my first. I had no other choice after having been to other stores looking for a "clip type" reading lamp for wifey. CDR king had a handful of choices in fancy yet inexpensive, say cheap clip type reading lamps. So I bought one for three hundred bucks. I had it all tested and checked.

When I got home, I planned to install it before wifey gets home so she can use it by the time she'll read a book to sleep. Lo and behold, the clip, even before having to clip it to the window sill broke right after.

The staff at CDR king reminded me that they have a 7 day replacement policy. So this morning I went back and ask for a replacement, but much to my surprise, they wouldn't. Saying it's "physical" damage.

What the efffff!

The product itself is sub-standard in the first place. Physical damage or not, the clip is part of the product and should be part of the replacement. But I would not want to rant any further.

Again, this is just my vow, I promise never ever to buy at CDR king. And I effin' curse that cheap no class store.

final dose:
CDR king you suck big time!


father & sons

Ever since the first born knew how to write, spell and compose - he has been writing letters to both his mom and dad during special occasions. It's pretty pleasant to read these letters knowing that we rarely get one nowadays. Pleasant in a touching and emotional way - with how naive and innocent the letters are composed. 
Personally when I read them, I get teary eyed. Well, that's just really me being too emotional. Even touching is how these letters are accompanied with cute little drawings. ahhhh.....

Looky here what daddy got for father's day.

the first born's happy father's day letter

It's quite obvious that it's the first born who wrote the letter, but don't you just find it really nice of him as the big brother to include his younger bro in the letter. Again, it's just that "aaaahhhhhhh" feeling.

 photo boys_zps66657196.jpg 
the Daddy with his two sons - Zai Angelo and Tristan Azi

final dose:
please don't grow up so fast you two...


first grade

To our first born, good luck on this day. Good luck on being in a new school. Good luck on being in the first grade. We know you will do well.

 photo GRADE1_zps3571b99a.jpg
Zai Angelo, now an Ateneo Hearter.
final dose: 
have all the fun and learning you can get.


lucky 7

No matter how much two people love each other, there are going to be times when they end up hurting one another.
I know we've made mistakes, but I believe we've learn from them and have help us become more sensitive to each other.

And through the seven years, I want us to concentrate more on what we have together.
even better, even stronger.

What I really want to tell you more than anything else.
and the special LOVE we share.

Happy Seventh Anniversary to us!

final dose:
on to the 50 years and beyond!


alli @ 30

to the mother of my two sons.
to my partner, my confidant.
to the love of my life.

High five to you for reaching this mile high.
Happy 30th Birthday my love!

 photo alli30_zps2ea58f7f.jpg
I Love You!, I might not be that expressive, but believe me.... I really do.

final dose:
though 30 I still see you looking so sexy... let's rock the bed!