my new 'do

my mom had always wanted my head shaved as soon as i turned a year old. on the other hand, my dad wanted to let my hair grow long like his. this has been a long, drawn-out battle between my parents, and i just watched in the sidelines. until one day...

yup, you guessed right, my mom won the battle. my hair was shaved off on november 4, 2007, right after hearing mass. we went to ayala, and stopped by salon de rose for my 1st ever haircut. dad had his hair cut as well, although not quite as short as mine.

i like my new hair. it took a little getting used to, but i took it all in stride. dad says this will be my first and last haircut in a loooooooooong time, but knowing my mom... she will have the final say, methinks.

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where the heart is

Waking up at four thirty in the morning after a night spent over-indulging in beer was not really easy for me. As soon as I got out of bed, I had to rush to pack some clothes and a few necessities, intentionally ignoring to take a shower, knowing it will only let people wait for me longer. As I arrived at the meeting place, I felt the need to buy my recent addiction - premium roast coffee from McDonald's, the only means to perk me up for a two-hour drive to the south of Cebu. The thought of not being able to bring wifey and little boy along for a day of team building dampened my spirit for the long-planned trip.

In the hopes of getting at least a decent vacation, I let my body rest for most of the two-hour commute but my mind was left in the city. As we were in the town where ampao (rice crispies) is the delicacy, rain poured really hard and continued until we arrived at the location.
Rockwalled Resort is situated in the municipality of Dalaguete, a southern rural town of Cebu. Save for the view of the serene clear waters of Tañon Strait, I would not recommend the resort for those who want to enjoy the beach and the sand. Nestled on a cliff, one needs to go down for about 70 steps to enjoy a dip in the pebbly waters. If not for the games, karaoke and beer, I would have locked myself in a room to sleep until we return home.

There was non-stop rain, even until I was back in the city. I eagerly went to fetch wifey at the office, got home, drove back to JY square and unfortunately got stuck in traffic caused by the strong winds and rain of typhoon Lando, which stunned the whole province.

That was last week.

Unsatisfied with the turn-out of the much needed vacation, Wifey and I went to watch the Cebu Guitarfest 2007 last Friday at the Outpost.

Nothing beats a loving life partner, enjoying a night of great music in the company of good friends over a case of Red Horse. The three-night event showcased the very best guitarists of Cebu. A proud Cebuano can indeed boast of the booming Cebu music scene. In between the guitar riffs and the beer drinks, I won an event calendar when I correctly enumerated three guitarists who joined the event.
As the night progressed and the dosage of beer got to me, I(unfortunatley) ended up forgetting to bring the calendar home. You may call it winning or losing, but for the two guitarists we personally know, Jaan Quijano and Raul "Gaw" Luche, a salute to the great skill and commendable talent you both have. I hoped to be a good bassist, but I had to let go of that dream when I let go of my bass guitar.

You can name different ways of relaxing, each has his own preference. I definitely have "re-established" how I want to chill.

final dose:
i realized that i do not need to travel far to unwind.
i can do my unwinding right here.


some time off

We've been wanting to share updates, news and happenings ever since the last dose we posted. Unfortunately, as it always is, the hectic schedule and workload do not give us enough time to come up with a comprehensive post.

I'm just taking time off right now to at least share some insights of how we, the Corteses are doing so far.

So let me share what had happened within the one month blog hiatus:

By mid to the end of October, wifey and I were busy with the preparations for the company's customer service week. She was assigned to take care of the program while I had my hands full with the floor decorations as well as creating the horror booth that we named Bahay ni Lola. Despite all these, we had a blast attending Halloween parties left and right, plus some drinking sessions to boot.

By the first week of November, we were busy with a lot of reports, paperworks and liquidations, but still managed to accommodate a good friend who visited us from Manila.
As early as now we have already been brainstorming and planning for our company's Christmas and year-end party. I'll definitely be busy again with the decorating towards the end of this month until early December. Wifey will have to concentrate on organizing the venue lay-out and the flow of the program as well as coordinating with other committees.

With regard to news about the little boy, we had him attend our company's Halloween party, where he dressed up as a rock star. We had his hair styled to a Mohawk which complimented his shiny black trench coat very well. Thanks to wifey's sister, Audrey, for little boy's entire "look."
While we were occupied with office stuff, we made sure that little boy would attend parties and be occupied as well. He enjoyed three consecutive children's birthday bashes toward the end of October. And just last week, we had little boy's hair shaved off. Unfortunately, we weren't able to bring our camera when we went to Salon de Rose, so we were not able to document his first haircut.

Sad to say that after all the work, wifey and I managed to visit our favorite massage spa only once. It got me raring to have a long break once all of these tasks are done.

It ain't in my nature to complain lest I'll look for another job. I am content that my work challenges my abilities and limitations, and the fact is that my job can well support my family.

final dose:
hopefully we can share more doses on all these events.