family of three

three NAMES:
TONI = inot, tonio, dingdong
ALLI = alli, allison, sonix
ZAI = angelo, zac, cordapio

three JOBS:
such varied jobs i had...
1. disk jockey (half a year with DYNU 107.5)
2. art teacher - best buddies (art for the mentally challenged)
3. architectural draftsman

1. Sales-Ops Officer in Advertising
2. Core/English Trainer (yay! i got promoted!)
3. wife (being a mother is effortless.. being a wife is harder..haha! love you, tonio!)

1. a bouncing baby
2. a cute little baby boy
3. a loving son

three PLACES i have LIVED:
1. Mandaue City (true blue mandauehanon)
2. Baguio city (summer capital of the philippines)
3. Urdaneta, Pangasinan (never wanted the ilokano way of living)

1. Cebu City (home sweet home!!!)
2. Diliman, Quezon City (college days)
3. Mandaluyong City (after-college days)

1. 9 months in my mother's womb
2. in my crib
3. Cebu City

three PLACES i have been on VACATION:
i've always believed that you need to tour your own country first
1. BAGUIO (above sea level)
2. CAMIGUIN (serene and pristine)
3. BORACAY (when the island was not yet that commercialized)

1. Bantayan Island (the best beaches, ever!!!)
2. Baguio City (the best ukay-ukay, ever!!!)
3. Puerto Galera (met tito rickie cui there, way cool beach bum!)

1. Bantayan Island
2. Negros Occidental
3. beaches of Cebu

three favorite FOODS:
all time favorite would be nos. 2 and 3
1. French Fries and Ketchup (kethchup is considered food, right?)
2. AROZ VALENCIANA (its rice with viand on it, so it's sort of a meal already)
3. KARE-KARE (my mom's kare-kare would still be the best)

1. chocolates!!! (and any chocolate-flavored food/dessert)
2. chicken curry, w/ lots of veggies (toni hates it coz of the coco milk. more for me!!!)
3. pizza (the kind with everything on it, plus extra cheese)

1. my mother's milk
2. cereal
3. biscuits and cookies

three PLACES i would rather be right now:
winning the lotto jackpot prize would help materialize these wishes...
1. HAWAII -- with my wife and kid, jam to jack johnson's music
2. ROME -- appreciate the architecture, the culture, the people
3. GERMANY -- watch football and enjoy the beer

1. Greece and the Mediterranean
2. Hawaii and/or the Bahamas or Palawan
3. Germany (okei fine, i'll agree with toni)

1. in my mother's arms
2. in my father's arms
3. in my crib sleeping

final dose:
title subject to change when an additional family member comes


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mominator said...

waitaminute... ANOTHER FAMILY MEMBER????? you're crazy... crazy, crazy man!


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