hoping it runs in the blood

i sit on a high chair and he reminds me to stay as still as possible.
sometimes i have my sisters beside me, more often than not, i'm all by myself.
he strokes and almost always it's black and white, a sepia tone depends on his mood, it can be colorful if he likes it.

my dad, the painter.

As cliche as it is, art, the same with beauty -- is in the eyes of the beholder.
my father's work has never been famous and equally, has never been commercialized. I am not an expert in art criticism nor will I be able to put into writing the appropriate descriptions to my dad's artwork. His is in abstract, of happy thoughts, of anguish, in pointillism, in mixed media, and to whatever terms a good writer uses as adjectives. In his art collection, you can see paintings from Galang, Kimsoy and other famous artists, which he got when they exchanged artworks. He told me that he had a one-time exhibit when he was still in his early thirties. Once he thought that he took what seemed to be a promising path and later realized there's always been a lack of support for artists and painters.

At one point, I felt how unfortunate I was not to inherit his artistic talents, blaming my mother's chromosome that I knew for sure carried less strings of artistry. Making me into a mediocre, hopeless artist.
Well good thing, I already erased that negative thought in my mind.

Taking up architecture instead of fine arts proved to be an eye-opener -- I knew then... I have artistic skills!!! It may not be in the fine arts or painting but definitely, there's an underlying creative artistry in me. -- I went on, confident and proud, to draw architectural plates, floor plans, perspectives and creative architectural ideas.

has my father been proud of me?? I asked -- had he wanted me take a different course instead??

Now, I can't blame myself that this early, I also have thoughts on what my son would take up when he will be in college. Will he have artistic skills also?? Will I encourage him to take either architecture or fine arts??

But then again, I will always have to let him choose what he wants. Knowing that's how my dad treated me - giving me the free will on what course I want to take up.

Although it would not hurt that I teach my little boy some tips and tricks on drawing. Instead of the basic ABCs first, we'll go advance learning on drawing and artwork. =)

final dose:
zai enjoying the art of doodling in his "sketchpad"
if you view closely (click picture to enlarge), he drew a very nice cartoon character


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