old drawings, new aches

Despite his body shivering from cough and colds, he continues to draw inspiration with every flip of the page of the book he has been diligently reading of late. The story of Howard Roark keeps him set on his ultimate goal.

A principled and determined man, such is his description about the star of the novel.
Roark's character is egocentric yet calm, something he has always wanted to achieve.
Boastful but brilliant, Arrogant yet a genius, he remarks even more about Howard.

In between the morning coffee and the time to get ready for work, he and his life partner share different but interrelated comments and views about the story. He concedes when it comes to a tone of argument, she has read the book three times compared to him, who is still about to go halfway through. Quite interesting though how he speaks bluntly on topics which he is knowledgeable about. He relates the plot, the characters and the scenarios to the same industry he wishes to belong to someday soon.

She is glad that he has finally found time to be interested in the book she has long been talking about and been pushing him to read. He feels the same joy, although regretting not being able to read the book earlier. He can't wait to finish the whole read, she can't wait to watch the motion picture version of the story with him.

until he finishes -- he continues to be more inspired with every turn of the page, not minding the annoying cough and colds.

final dose:
architecture is not a business, not a career, but a crusade and a consecration to a joy that justifies the existence of the earth. - Henry Cameron.


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