F.R.I.E.N.D.S. the blow-by-blow

The six of us, Monica-Justin, Maica-Stephen, Alli-Toni, all went to Tabuelan over the weekend for a much-needed time-out from the city... and we had such a blast! It was the next best thing to the perfect getaway. The perfect getaway would have been the exact same thing, minus the expenses.

8:00am - met up at Chowabungga, I.T. Park, breakfast
9:30am - boarded a van in the North Bus Terminal, for Tabuelan
11:30am - van dropped us off right at our front gate, in Tabuelan
12:00nn - the drinking started, while rice was cooking
12:30pm - lunchtime!!!
1:30pm - 4:00pm - swimming, sun-bathing, drinking, pictu
4:00pm - 6:30pm - grilling, frying, cooking rice
6:30pm - dinnertime!!!

*** after dinner, i slept. i couldn't help it, i was totally dead to the world. i did wake up at 1:00am though... toni was gnashing his teeth beside me, in his sleep of course. i didn't quite sleep as well afterwards. i couldn't make him stop that awful noise inside his mouth.

7:00am - cooking breakfast
7:30am - eating breakfast!!!
8:00am - swimming, sun-bathing, drinking, picture-taking
11:00am - cooking lunch
11:30am - eating lunch!!!

12:30pm - packing up, preparing to go, shelling out money for the expenses

2:30pm - the van finally picked us up... methinks the driver was watching the Pacquiao-Barrera fight, that's why he picked us up two hours late!

4:30pm - van dropped us off right at our front gate, in Cebu this time

*** we stopped by Liloan to buy kinilaw and fish, and we ate this at home, Toni's and my home. they all wanted to see Angelo, especially Stephen, this being his first time to see the little boy.

final dose:
It was such a fun weekend.
If only we could do this more often... like... once a month?

I love you guys...


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