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There is a growing number of environmental advocacies and a growing population of environmentalists. Everyday, we are reminded about environmental awareness, to be eco-friendly and are even encouraged to do our share in helping resolve or minimize these environmental issues.

I don't intend to join any environmental groups, although I do support the same cause as Jack Johnson through his music. I believe one can always find different ways to help.

In architecture for example, there is what we call adaptive re-use which is described as the conversion of a facility or part of a facility to a use significantly different from that for which it was originally designed while still keeping some of the historic value; like for example -converting a railroad station into a shopping mall or a post office into a rail station. Adaptive re-use in architecture is more or less like recycling.

Topics like these sometimes tend to sound uninteresting so let's go straight to the point so it won't bore you.

Let me share my own way of helping...

I created a downlight luminaire which costs less than a hundred pesos and is made from recycled materials. A Luminaire is a complete lighting unit, consisting of one or more electric lamps with all of the necessary parts and wiring. (Pronunciation: -m&-'ner)

the materials:

handle cap = P 8.98
socket outlet = P 8.00
#18 flat wire = P39.75
5w round bulb = P14.50

TOTAL = P71.23

other materials:

empty plastic bottle
2ply tissue paper
adhesive (elmer's glue)
latex paint

here's the procedure:

  • Connect the wires needed for the light holder as well as for the power plug, make sure you know how to connect electrical wires properly.
  • Cut the plastic bottle into half or into the desired size you want, this will act as the lamp shade.
  • Make a hole as big as the light holder on the bottom of the plastic bottle.
  • Cut holes in the plastic bottle in any order you want it to be.
  • Paint the plastic bottle with latex paint (enamel paint doesn't work with plastic).
  • Make paper mache out of tissue paper using a ratio of 1 scoop of glue to 3 scoops of water.
  • Cover holes with the paper mache, make sure paper mache is applied in the interior side of the bottle. Leave to dry.
  • Connect light holder and plastic bottle lamp shade together.
my sketches:

my down light luminaire:

It may not be totally environment-friendly because of the use of latex paint and the plastic bottle. But consider this as recycling materials for adaptive re-use instead of dumping it in the trash bin.

final dose:
little boy likes the effect so much, he now uses it as his night light.


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Dexter said...

Nice one.. and I may say a good sketch..


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