15 October 2013, Eight twelve in the morning.
The Visayas region of the Philippines was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake with its epicenter originating in Sagbayan, a town in the island of Bohol.

It was early in the morning, when wifey and I were awakened by our two boys. The four of us in the bed greeting each other morning kisses and hugs, not even able to wash our faces yet. Minutes later, we noticed the bed shaking, stuff on the shelves were also shaking, the roof and the walls were creating shaky noises as well... we knew right there and then it was an earthquake. 

Wifey and I looked at each other, she holding Angelo, I carrying Tristan. We went downstairs right away.

It was the kind of shaking that gives you shivers deep inside. We hadn't known of the intensity yet that time, but as soon as we wanted to find out, power was gone, phone lines were down and any means of communication was difficult. When power was back up after 30 minutes, the earthquake incident was all over the news. Information were right away coming in and the more we learned how powerful the earthquake was.

It's been a week, but since that time until now, there have been more than two thousand aftershocks recorded. The entire country would have known by now how the earthquake brought devastating damage most especially in Bohol

Help are pouring in but I know it's not yet enough. It's good to see how people are coming together, making efforts for relief funds and all. At least what the earthquake showed us is that we Filipinos, resilient as always - know how to stand together after every fall. Let's do our share in helping rebuild what has fallen.

image by a.cortes, created as message of encouragement.

May we learn from the incident - on the manner of evacuating, on building safe structures and on keeping our faith strong.

final dose:
we are very thankful that it happened on a holiday 
and that the four of us were together and were never harmed. 


the second born's first

There's something about firsts that you would want it to be special. I remember seven years back during the first born's first birthday that we made it something worth remembering, unfortunate though because the memories through the photos of that event weren't preserved because it was uploaded on a social networking site that has already shut down.

For our second born's first birthday though, we made it a point to make sure the event is captured the way we pictured it will be. Photos will speak for itself. So here's a photo play of the first birthday celebration of Tristan Azi

22 September 2013, Sto. Nino Village clubhouse

Allow us to mention the following for making this event succesful:
Cocina Calza for the sumptous food. Smilerrific for the photobooth, Edzel Nieves for the wonderful photos. Noise garage for the sound sytem. Pastries ByJessica for the awesome yummy cake.

And for the following people for the big help.
Dodi, Lexis, Maica, Mhon, Macita, Monina, Mommy, Mama and Mommy Day.

And all those who attended, hope you all enjoyed!

Final dose:
View all photos of the event on our facebook page.


yes it's october

On its onset, I could have seen a case or two of empty amber bottles, dying embers of cigarettes and its butts littered on the floor. But the month I so look forward to ever before has lost its luster.

I don't know the reason but I want to find out why. And don't give that "i'm getting old" excuse because I ain't buying it. See, I went out on the 1st and had a bucket and three bottles, I could have lasted more if I had wanted to, but it wasn't that fun alone and work had me worried.

Oh October, you know you were the most special of them twelve, you hold a place in our hearts for so many a celebration. Tell me now when we can enjoy you fully. Two more weeks, two weekends and some, Octoberfest show us your fun.

someday i'll make one like this. image from: www.3dm3.com 

final dose:
just missing the booze.