yes it's october

On its onset, I could have seen a case or two of empty amber bottles, dying embers of cigarettes and its butts littered on the floor. But the month I so look forward to ever before has lost its luster.

I don't know the reason but I want to find out why. And don't give that "i'm getting old" excuse because I ain't buying it. See, I went out on the 1st and had a bucket and three bottles, I could have lasted more if I had wanted to, but it wasn't that fun alone and work had me worried.

Oh October, you know you were the most special of them twelve, you hold a place in our hearts for so many a celebration. Tell me now when we can enjoy you fully. Two more weeks, two weekends and some, Octoberfest show us your fun.

someday i'll make one like this. image from: 

final dose:
just missing the booze.


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