hee yah! done!

hee yah! done! with Hiyan Shodan!!!

final dose:
Our first born graduates from white belter, two bronze medals and one silver.


hee-yah for Zai

Do you remember the summer classes you  attended when you were young?

I've wish to have enrolled with tennis class, then guitar lessons, then I wanted to learn violin also.. but none of these materialized. I only went with three summers of swimming lessons - that's basic, advance and intermediate. All the three swimming lessons I took, I did it when I was seven years old until I was nine.

All the three swimming lessons I took, my first born had already completed it before turning seven.

He tried Arnis before his basic swim school, and then went to art lessons last year. This year, he wanted to do drums, but what drums would he use at home? --I mean, I can't really afford to buy him a drum set this time; and that it would really create a lot of noise at home. The little brother won't like it.

So for his sixth summer, our six year old Zai Angelo took some Hee-Yah!!!!
 photo karatezai_zps09726ae7.jpg
Zai Angelo shows his karate moves... Hiyan Shodan!!!

From April to May, this little white-belter enjoyed his summer karate lessons at JKA.

final dose:
he wishes to continue until he reaches black belt, that's a lot of karate classes lined up in the coming summers.


first summer of Azi

Our second boy turned seven months old last April. And this summer is his first.

Tristan Azi at his age may not be able to do things children usually do during summer --- he may not be able to fly a kite, go enroll in a summer class, go make sand castles, play summer games, go swimming or just be out and have fun under the sun --- but we made sure he'll have his own fill of what summer fun is.

So here's a couple of photographs that showed how our seven month old Tristan Azi spent his first summer.

 photo AZI1STSUMMER_zpsdaaa51d8.jpg 
I believe in the sand beneath my toes 
The beach gives a feeling, an earthy feeling ...
 photo aziswims_zps4efe6c0d.png

final dose:
summer memories are always fun to remember... this post is for you Tristan, when you get older at least the photos will be here for keeps.


we voted!

Filipinos exercise their right to suffrage during the month of May every three years.
And like most Filipinos of legal age, we went out and voted...

 photo mvote_zps9adbe84e.jpg
getting our fingers dirty!

By now, the results are out --- a lot have already been proclaimed and a lot might not have wanted the outcome; but let this year's elections be, like every election before this -- another glimmer of hope for our country.

And in local news:

In Mandaue City, Mayor Jonas Cortes won 87,633 votes over Victor Biaño’s 24,131 votes.                                                              source: http://newsinfo.inquirer.net/409557/election-2013-3

Mandauehanons, thank you for giving our city mayor another fresh mandate. Our support on his last term will be for the good of our city.

final dose:

hope you guys went out and got your fingers dirty too.


Cortes Architecture

I have had apprehensions with marketing via social media before. But I regressed.

I now believe in the power of social media... add to the fact that lately I have been building up my portfolio and posting it right where the most popular of social media is. Facebook.

This has been my past time to say the least for the last month. Adding up friends and posting works on FB just to market me up.

So please take time to visit Cortes Architecture facebook page right here.

final dose:
my website still is worth visiting too. 
take the time to check www.cortes-architecture.webs.com