swim school is cool

Needless to say, the arm floaters that we bought our little boy would now be rarely used. Angelo is learning to swim this summer and he is learning pretty quick.

When we looked at options on what our little boy should be busy doing this school break, swimming class was our first option. But apparently, those that we inquired about were too far from our place. We needed a more convenient activity, and so we went with Arnis lessons at Doce Pares, which is within our village. We had to condition our son's mind that he was going to ninja school, so that learning Arnis would be fun for him. But unfortunately, we saw that he had little interest and, no offense to the institution, but they train with serious discipline, which is way too much for our three year old. So after two days in ninja school, we just had to let him stop.

The good thing is, there's Sandtrap, located along Maria Luisa Road, and just a five minute drive from our place. They offer swimming lessons with a maximum of three students per trainer, and the best part is, we got to chose the 5pm to 6pm schedule. Very convenient.

Angelo is on his fourth session so far and he has quickly learned how not to be afraid to hold his breath underwater and do flutter kicks. As long as he is enjoying and learning, we don't mind buying expensive Speedo goggles for him. This might be the start of something big, who knows . He might just be the next Michael Phelps.

Zai Angelo learning how to swim, doing a friendly swim race with his classmate Matty

final dose:
swimming school is cool, so says our boy.


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