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About us
Cortés is a Family name/Last name, a Surname of Spanish origin . Cortés which means polite is also the judicial bodies of the Spanish-speaking Americas, and the communes in France and Italy.The term Cortes is also used for the subnational parliaments of several of Spain's autonomous communities and various bodies from Spanish history.
The Cortéses are proud natives of Mandaue, a highly urbanized city in the island of Cebu, Philippines and are among the true-blue clans of the city. This site is for the family of Mr. Antonio G. Cortés II, a third generation Cortés and descendant to the clan of Dr. Mauricio "Moring" Mendoza Cortés.

about TONI
In his mid-twenties, this Gemini is sometimes called Dingdong at home or Inot by most of his college friends. Toni is a registered architect and plans to build a doghouse as his first project. A loving husband, a good provider and a doting dad. Inspired by his wife to write, his passion for the art is not merely on canvas or tracing paper. He is interested in the usual guy stuff... sports and beer. His antics can sometimes be considered funny but most of the time corny. A frustrated bassist, he digs alternative music, new wave and old school rock & roll. He despises his being hemophiliac but is proud to be born and raised in the city of Mandaue.

about ALLI
Hailing from the Arcenases of Bantayan Island, Cebu, Alli is a Cebuana who doesn't want to be anything else but. A graduate of Philosophy from the University of the Philippines - Diliman, she dreams of becoming an inspiration not only to her husband, but to her future students as well. Currently, she is a trainer for Aegis-People Support Cebu, and a major asset to the training department. A dutiful wife, a proud mother and an excellent editor and proofreader, Alli hopes to have more free time to write more blogs.

about ZAI
This mischievous little boy was born on 20th of July, 2006 and is now the proud kuya of the Cortes family.  He is crazy about lego especially lego ninjago. He can talk to for hours about all the stuff he likes and he can be opinionated on the stuff he is crazy about. Angelo has this habit of clutching at his parents' hair as he is drifting off to sleep. A joy to the Javiers, Arcenases and Corteses, this bundle of energy has very healthy lungs and a mind of his own.

about Azi
Born on the 22nd of September 2012, Tristan is the newest member of the Cortes Family. At 6.13 lbs and 52 cm when he came out, he is a healthy and happy baby. This early, signs show that Tristan resembles the facial features of his big brother Angelo. To have Tristan come into our lives - from a family of three - the Corteses is now a family of four. Learn more of our Tristan Azi as we get to update his development through the years.

Why a dose from the Corteses?
Dose is a measure of quantity, a portion or amount of something.
From our marriage to the start of our family and up until today, the four of us have been very blessed. Although we encounter unfortunate events along the way, we have always looked at it as a means of strengthening our bond.

This site was created to chronicle the events in our lives. From the mundane happenings to the extraordinary celebrations, from the memorable moments to the trivial experiences.
This site is a testament to each day we live, each tear we shed, each smile on our face. This is our way of inviting you to join in and become part of our everyday celebration.

Contact us
The Corteses would like to hear from you. If you have stumbled upon this site and found anything that interests you, something that may have captured your fancy or just about anything that you want to say, leaving a comment on our post is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to leave a note on the chat box.

If you want to send a personal message, feel free to do so through our email addresses:
to contact TONI email him at tcortesii@gmail.com = tcortesii [at] gmail [dot] com
to contacl ALLI email her at alli.cortes@gmail.com = alli [dot] cortes [at] gmail [dot] com
to contact ZAI email him at zacortes@gmail.com = zacortes [at] gmail [dot] com
in time AZI will get to interact with you guys, an email will soon be available.

the CORTESES will never sell, lease, or distribute your email address to any third party provided you do the same for theirs.

The Corteses
© All images, writings, ideas and stories are of the Corteses' property. Unauthorized use or copy on any of the original works on this site is a violation of the law and is deemed illegal. We grant permissions to those who ask, just please don't forget to give credit where credit is due. A link to thecorteses.blogspot.com is highly recommended.

Any borrowed materials used on this site are given credit.


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Vk-mahalkaayo said...
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Vk-mahalkaayo said...

hallo mr. n mrs. cortes and cute zai
nice family, a friendly family.

nice and interesting family blog,too.

thanks for sharing your "About us",
happy to read it.

Thank you also for passing by sa among blog ha?

Nice knowing you, family Cortes,

i am coming back here, now n then....hope,we are welcome here.


jhanis said...

hey Alli! and Mr. Cortes,

nice blog! and congratulations to Angelo for the white belt.



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