karma gets in the way

"my fickle mind decided to call my supervisor and inform her that I was still feeling feverish, the same excuse I had for sunday."
- lame white lie to be absent from work.

and now here i am -- really feeling the fever.
cough and colds. sore throat. tired body.

my anti-bodies did everything they could muster to help me avoid getting sick but to no avail. blame it all on the changing weather.

aching, wishing, wanting to feel normal again.

fever, please don't last until friday.
hope tomorrow i'll be okay.

the good thing though -- wifey came to the office.
a good motivation to get through my shift.

final dose:
i wanted to post a photograph of a sickly me, but it turned out otherwise.
i look more of a smiley intoxicated guy than a person with fever.
and notice how flat the nose looks, i swear that is not how it is in person...


i don't care if monday's blue

grilled fish, dinuguan, sweet jackfruit for dessert --- served for lunch last sunday.

lutong bahay never fails to satisfy my palate.

I haven't eaten lunch at home for so many sundays already, so I took a day off from work yesterday and I never regretted being absent.

Family time is just priceless!

  • heard sunday mass
  • conversations on the lunch table
  • quality time with wifey
  • playtime with little boy
  • work on birthday preparations
God! I wish there were more hours in a day, more days in a week and so on and so on and on....

But sunday is always never enough.

When I was about to report for work this morning, my fickle mind decided to call my supervisor and inform her that I was still feeling feverish, the same excuse I had for sunday. My drive for work wasn't there, I got my concentration on finishing my "little project" instead. Supervisor gave the okay signal but with the condition that I'll come in for the second half of my shift.

So with barely half a day at home, I spent it in the most special way I know how.
Quality time indeed for wifey and I. Playful and jolly time with the little boy. My little project almost over and done with...

manic monday, monday blues, whatever you want to call it....
It's the start of the week and I just can't wait to get it over with.
Friday is nearing... that day will cap it all --- by then I'll be in love.

final dose:
due to internet connection problem this post is two days late...
wednesday... middle of the week... two more days till friday...


going once, going twice...sold.

I can understand losing inspiration. I get lacking motivation.
These are very familiar phrases when I think or talk about what I do for a living.

that he sells his soul to Mephistopheles
for wealth
for power
for fame
trading principle for gold
he does as he is told
and wins the game
but loses his name.

final dose:
blog written without sleep...
poem written without the influence...
that's why it's all so depressing.


what's worse (at least for today)

what's worse than finding a WORM in the apple you are eating??..
pag nakita mong KALAHATI na lang ang worm...

...so goes the text I received from my cousin Fatima

It's 6:45pm, I'm about to end my shift...
In fifteen minutes Allison and Angelo together with aunt Mommy Day will pick me up to attend Tito Emi and Tita Marle's 33rd wedding anniversary dinner party.

I was blog hopping...
I created a blog an hour before but I didn't like the whole writing structure, so I saved it on my drafts list.

why can't I find any inspiration today.
  • went downstairs for cigarette break
  • grabbed a cup of coffee at Bo's (treat from an office mate)
  • back to my station, went on to read other stuff....
  • architecture, technologies, life stories, humor, fiction....

Guess I'll just have to wait. Soon enough I'll be with my wife; I hope my kid is still awake to play with me....one more glance at our multiply site...

bang!.... Jack Johnson in the background.
this song hits me once again!

an all time favorite...

final dose:
so what's worse??? when you can come up with a nonsense blog in 5 minutes...and you decide to publish it...


better than one

If I'll get used to it, then I'll be fine.
Don't worry sweetie..
I'll be alright...
-so Alli said

I'll stay on the same account babe,
I just can't sacrifice my schooling and schedule.
You have my support,
if you think it is best for you, then go...

-and so Toni replied

is it a matter of choice
or a decision?

when confronted, two heads are always better....

At some point, you have to make a decision. Boundaries don't keep other people out. They fence you in. Life is messy. That's how we're made. So, you can waste your lives drawing lines. Or you can live your life crossing them. But there are some lines... that are way too dangerous to cross.
-Medith Grey

if that line is way too dangerous.... we'll cross it together...

final dose:
conversations at eyes resto
unwinding with a couple of beers
...after a tiring day at work


admits all ages

this is how it should be
and how we want it to be



Online Dating



might like, may dislike
appreciated, unappreciated
care more, care less
it's our site nonetheless

final dose:
just a friendly reminder...


just want to share...

the eighth of april two thousand six in the year of our lord....
the day we proclaimed our love for each other...
we are officially husband and wife.


Toni and I were married as the sun was setting on Saturday, April 8, 2006. Angelus was led by Mommy Day, bedecked in the summer dress Mimi gave, backless ha! Judge Soliver Peras, Papa's good friend, performed the short ceremony for us. The rings were exchanged. The judge had us prepare a vase, a pitcher of water, and a single red rose.

Something to this effect took place...

Alli: I, Allison, give you, Toni, this vase, as a sign of my promise to love and cherish you and our marriage. Every year, I will give you a vase to renew this vow.

Toni: I, Toni, give you, Allison, this rose, as a sign of my promise to love and cherish you and our marriage. Every year, I will give you a rose to renew this vow.

Judge: I, as the officiating judge of this ceremony, water the rose in the vase. May your marriage bloom and may you support and nourish one another for the rest of your lives.

And then... "You may kiss the bride" (my favorite part)

Toni's Tita Aurora (who also made Arroz Valenciana for the wedding feast) led the prayer before meals. Gi-duol ni Mama after the prayer, ingon si Mama "Self-serving kaayo toh imong prayer ha," coz apparently Tita Aurora said "...and bless the people who prepared the food..."

We all had dinner. Then Audrey as emcee called on Alexis and Ayden (a friend from work) to come up on the front and sing for everyone. Ayden on guitars, Alexis on the microphone... they were quite good, in my opinion.

Another friend from work, Rainier, brought minus-one cds to sing to... only he sang to them. A good friend from my volleyball days in high school, Monica, sang, too. Her boyfriend Justin was on the guitars. And my 2nd-degree cousin on the Arcenas-Gallardo side, Candy, sang around three songs, too... to make up for being extremely tardy.

In between songs, there were friends and family who spoke, congratulating us, giving advice and welcoming us into each other's family. Mama said something... short. Her last line was "Sakto na kay maka-hilak nya ko." My bestfriends Pnut and JL said something, too. Jonel, took Charlotte and Gil's videocam around and some people said their piece, too. I know Yaya for one did.

Toni's friends from high school and college were there, and they provided the beer for everyone. Mommy Day and Alexis drank a couple of bottles, as well as most of the males at the party. I had around 3 glasses of white wine.

The party ended at around 11pm already. There were a dozen gifts, which Toni and I opened at home. We went to bed past midnight on our wedding night.

this was a year and three months ago....
we're planning our church wedding a year from now...

in the meantime, listen to this song we both love ---

powered by ODEO

final dose:
after our son's birthday, we will have to start saving fast for our wedding next year. we're hoping we could get sponsors and donations though....


to the effortless...

blogs make you wonder-wander...
I am inept in writing but I'm learning...

I was going through different blogsites and I fumbled to the site of my long time close friend -- the effortless.
It got me thinking as I was reading through his poems, stories, rantings and wishings that somehow blogging is an outlet.
  • an avenue for you to share whatever emotions you have.
  • it's an outlet for others to get rid of boredom.
  • for some, it is an income generating thing.
Anyone can write what they want, be it from the most mundane of things to the very interesting extraordinaries...

Reason enough, probably why I also made this blogsite -- not really. Personally though, our blogsite was created to chronicle moments in our lives with the intention of sharing it to everyone.

the effortless and I were friends since high school, now don't let me want to put into writing all the things that we've been through, it may just sound so gay, might even make me burst into laughter or tears. hahahaha

-to the man who has vast ideas, though not often unique...
-though the reality of our IANG-ART-TES seems to be real bleak now..
-the bond between us will forever stay ( sheeeett!!! kabayot ani na line oi)

Auggie, kumpare na gud ta...
ninong ka sa akong anak...
hapit na iya birthday..
ayaw kalimti paghatag og gift....

'til our next drinking session....

final dose:
allison took both photographs... taken just a month ago, when Guiang came home to cebu from mindanao. a gathering of the most "sought after crowd" during our highschool..wahahaha... we are the IN group -not!


anxiously planning, waiting

Does anyone ever remember how their first birthday went? Well, we bet you can answer for yourself.
With the first birthday of our little boy fast approaching, we have been very anxiously planning for it. Although the birthday party will not really be extravagant, as it will just be a simple celebration and gathering of close friends, family and Zai Angelo's godparents and friends. The event itself is what's important for us, our kid turning ONE year old.

And as "first time parents," we are so amazed by the fact that our little boy is growing up and what amount of joy he brings us and what wonder he makes us feel and that he gives so much meaning to our lives...

There has always been the saying that the first step is the hardest, so does that imply the same for the first birthday? Funny if it does, because both of us are telling each other that after Zai's first birthday, we will probably hold the next "big" party when he is about five or older.

Searching for what theme we want, we came across a lot of birthday themes, everything you can imagine. From the simple to the most bizarre. There is of course the usual cartoon character's theme and the weirdest that we saw on the Internet was the "cyber-futuristic-theme" which we do not think really fits a party for little kids about to turn a year old.

So we decided on a simple yet "cute and adorable" theme --- happy feet. We pictured our little boy to be like the super jolly tap-dancer Mumble, the main character of the cartoon movie.
So with the invitations almost ready and done, loot bags and giveaways about to be complete, the next two weeks would give us time to prepare for the venue decorations, the food and all the other little things we need to get the party going.

And here's a little simple "e-invitation" created for Zai Angelo's first Birthday bash.

final dose:
this e-inviations have been sent out to Zai's godparents on their multiply, friendster and other online social networking accounts.
although real invatations are also to be given...


cousin svetlana

Sunday afternoon, Svetlana and Angelo, one month apart, second cousins, hung out together. Svetlana Chiong is my first cousin Charlotte's little girl.

They had lunch... Svetlana ate while Angelo entertained her. Svetlana visited her cousin on this warm afternoon, and Angelo felt that he needed to make it worth her while.

And afterward, they sat and talked on Abuelita's bed. Abuelita is their great grandmother, 91 years old, and she had to move to her rocking chair beside the bed, to give way to the two babies.

The afternoon ended with the two babies playing "the remote is mine" and, after much tussling about, Svetlana came out the winner!

Angelo... you got beaten by a girl! bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

final dose:
Zai Angelo is just being gentlemanly... =)


birthday wish

What shall I get for my first birthday, mommy?
What will you give me, daddy?

What shall I expect....
Will there be candies, chocolates, toys and all of my favorite things...

I want to be on T.V. for my birthday...

On the 20th of July, all my godparents, relatives, friends and family are invited.
4 p.m. @ the Clubhouse of S
to. Niño Village, Banilad Cebu City

I will be turning ONE year old!!!!

final dose:
SON, we're hoping we could get a better paycheck come payday for all the upcoming expenses...


it all seems so fast

It was just like yesterday when everything happened at once. Blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Zai Angelo was born on the 20th of July, 2006. Weighing only six pounds and eleven ounces and measuring about forty six centimeters, thank God he was healthy and normal.

And look at our cute little boy, about to turn a year old in a couple of weeks.

As proud parents, we hope to give our son the best first birthday party he will ever get. Actually, he'll only get one first birthday party, so we want it to be really fun. What is keeping us busy these days, and probably until the day of the event itself, is the planning of Angelo's bash. From the making of invitations, buying of giveaways and all the other stuff that goes with preparing a children's party yourself.

Son, hope you won't grow too fast. We need time to recover before we start to plan for your second birthday.

final dose:
our next kid will probably follow after we become filthy rich!