it all seems so fast

It was just like yesterday when everything happened at once. Blessed with a bouncing baby boy, Zai Angelo was born on the 20th of July, 2006. Weighing only six pounds and eleven ounces and measuring about forty six centimeters, thank God he was healthy and normal.

And look at our cute little boy, about to turn a year old in a couple of weeks.

As proud parents, we hope to give our son the best first birthday party he will ever get. Actually, he'll only get one first birthday party, so we want it to be really fun. What is keeping us busy these days, and probably until the day of the event itself, is the planning of Angelo's bash. From the making of invitations, buying of giveaways and all the other stuff that goes with preparing a children's party yourself.

Son, hope you won't grow too fast. We need time to recover before we start to plan for your second birthday.

final dose:
our next kid will probably follow after we become filthy rich!


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