i don't care if monday's blue

grilled fish, dinuguan, sweet jackfruit for dessert --- served for lunch last sunday.

lutong bahay never fails to satisfy my palate.

I haven't eaten lunch at home for so many sundays already, so I took a day off from work yesterday and I never regretted being absent.

Family time is just priceless!

  • heard sunday mass
  • conversations on the lunch table
  • quality time with wifey
  • playtime with little boy
  • work on birthday preparations
God! I wish there were more hours in a day, more days in a week and so on and so on and on....

But sunday is always never enough.

When I was about to report for work this morning, my fickle mind decided to call my supervisor and inform her that I was still feeling feverish, the same excuse I had for sunday. My drive for work wasn't there, I got my concentration on finishing my "little project" instead. Supervisor gave the okay signal but with the condition that I'll come in for the second half of my shift.

So with barely half a day at home, I spent it in the most special way I know how.
Quality time indeed for wifey and I. Playful and jolly time with the little boy. My little project almost over and done with...

manic monday, monday blues, whatever you want to call it....
It's the start of the week and I just can't wait to get it over with.
Friday is nearing... that day will cap it all --- by then I'll be in love.

final dose:
due to internet connection problem this post is two days late...
wednesday... middle of the week... two more days till friday...


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