cousin svetlana

Sunday afternoon, Svetlana and Angelo, one month apart, second cousins, hung out together. Svetlana Chiong is my first cousin Charlotte's little girl.

They had lunch... Svetlana ate while Angelo entertained her. Svetlana visited her cousin on this warm afternoon, and Angelo felt that he needed to make it worth her while.

And afterward, they sat and talked on Abuelita's bed. Abuelita is their great grandmother, 91 years old, and she had to move to her rocking chair beside the bed, to give way to the two babies.

The afternoon ended with the two babies playing "the remote is mine" and, after much tussling about, Svetlana came out the winner!

Angelo... you got beaten by a girl! bwahahahahahahahahaha!!!

final dose:
Zai Angelo is just being gentlemanly... =)


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