karma gets in the way

"my fickle mind decided to call my supervisor and inform her that I was still feeling feverish, the same excuse I had for sunday."
- lame white lie to be absent from work.

and now here i am -- really feeling the fever.
cough and colds. sore throat. tired body.

my anti-bodies did everything they could muster to help me avoid getting sick but to no avail. blame it all on the changing weather.

aching, wishing, wanting to feel normal again.

fever, please don't last until friday.
hope tomorrow i'll be okay.

the good thing though -- wifey came to the office.
a good motivation to get through my shift.

final dose:
i wanted to post a photograph of a sickly me, but it turned out otherwise.
i look more of a smiley intoxicated guy than a person with fever.
and notice how flat the nose looks, i swear that is not how it is in person...


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