it's been a while

If you only have a 56k internet connection (or probably slower) at home, you lose your gusto of updating your blog site...
(this has been a debate before, but getting a broadband connection is not quite our priority for now, and so toni goes huhuhu)

But if you have the opportunity of getting free connection, then updates and posts from the mundane to the extraordinary are surely expected.

July was a busy month, but it was all worth it until the month ended --- from our son's birthday, friendly gatherings, concerts, heartwarming talks, to changes and promotions and even a few melodramatic moments that spiced up the 7th month of the year.

August is almost about to end, thankfully it has been wonderful so far.
It's been a while now that we haven't shared any doses from us...

Obviously, we are still -- for the lack of a better adjective -- breathing and kicking and blogging!
and in the works of updating, uploading, writing, drafting, and soon we'll be sharing...

picture taken during Zai Angelo's first birthday bash

final dose:
our company's IT department sucks big time!
what a way of blocking our access to the information superhighway...
hopefully, now that we have our internet access back, it will stay for long....


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