the first birthday bash

party clown

I turned one last July 20, 2007. We had a party at the Sto. Nino Village Clubhouse at 5pm... it ended at 9pm.

We did not have the food catered since there were relatives and friends who volunteered to help prepare and cook. There was the crispylicious cebu lechon sponsored by Nana and Nano, the yummy fried chicken by Mommy Day and super-delicious chicken-macaroni salad by Tita Marle. Yaya Marita also cooked spaghetti. My godmother Pnut prepared lumpia shanghai and the cake was sponsored by ninangs Maica and Monica. And of course there was the yummylicious mango float by Tita Baby and family.

grandma Nida, ninang Wanda and aunt Nikki came all the way from Pangasinan and
Baguio for the celebration. My parents were shocked to see them, since they didn't mention any plans for coming over. This was the first time I met grandma Nida.

There were about ten kids.
6 year old Mickey, 3 year old RJ and 11 month old Svetlana (my cousins from mom's side).
3 year old Zion (my dad's goddaughter)
1 year and 7month old Brandon (our neighbor's son)
3 year old Sofia (my friend from across our house)
less than a year old babies of my parent's colleagues: Matthew, Chloe and Sassy
and 2 month old Charles Brian (yaya Cathy's son)

so so so so so so so cute little babies like me!!!

My party did not have the typical children's games since most of the kids cannot play, including me. So there was only a question and answer game about "how well do you know Angelo" which everyone could participate in, except for immediate family members. Prizes were also given to those who found stickers of Mumble, from the happy feet movie (which was also my birthday theme), beneath their chairs. Uncle Darth was one of the happy winners to receive glow sticks and lollipops as prizes.

Grandpa Toni, Uncle John and Nano with his friends, had some beer/wine drinking. Uncle Charlie went home early. The week before my birthday, my parents were so busy with the preparations - from the making of the invites to the buying of prizes and giveaways. After the party they said that next time we should just have it handled by an event organizer so it will be hassle-free, but I know that it was fulfilling for them.

The day after, we went to my pedia for my chicken pox vaccine and then met with grandma Nida, ninang Wanda, aunt Nikki and Nana for lunch.

Thank You to everyone who celebrated with me and Thanks also for the gifts!!!

you can view the
pictures of the event in clicking here

you can also check my website for any updates:

final dose:
this post is long overdue... but it's still worth sharing =)


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