happy easter!

As we celebrate Easter and chant "Alleluia! Christ is risen! Alleluia!," we recall the fears of the apostles, doubting life after death, unbelieving in victory after Calvary. We too tussle in hoping for a better tomorrow amid our challenges today. But in the incandescence of Easter, we revere God's promise to all of us who seek His truth and justice and hold fast to His lasting love.

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Zai and Azi celebrating Easter Sunday at the beach in Bantayan Island.

HAPPY EASTER! Everyone, from The Corteses.

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text taken from "follow the Fosters" by JG Summit


thank you first born!

These medals are more than enough to make your parents really happy!

 photo zaimedals_zps25fa69ca.jpg Congratulations Zai Angelo A. Cortes for graduating kindergarten With Honors, Most Friendly and Most Articulate.

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keep up the good work son!


Zai the narrator

One day Zai Angelo, our first born came home from school crying. He was teased by his classmates saying that he was to be all alone in a chair up on stage during their end of year school play. Most of his classmates and school mates have been put in groups to play different roles. 

As we asked what his role is, he answered "the Narrator."

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Zai Angelo plays his part as the Narrator in The Firewood Gatherer and the Witch.

Looking through the list of characters in the school play script, there were to be three lead stars in their school play - "The firewood gatherer and the Witch," - there is the firewood gatherer, the mother and the witch. All the other characters were grouped into animals, trees and fruits. And of course, to tell the story, there is the narrator. Finding out that our son was to narrate the play, we were just so proud.

So as we explained what his role is going to be, he got to be even more proud of himself. 

Sometimes we tend to look at how we are not part of a group and forget to think that we were chosen to play a vital role as only we can deliver.

On the day of the play, as our son got out of the car, he proudly said "watch out for the narrator today!"
And from our seats, we proudly watched how our son delivered his narration so well as only he can among the entire kindergarten class. 

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woohoo!!! way to go for our first born!

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check our facebook for more pictures on Zai's end of year school play.


and so it's march

yes it is the third month 2013 and sad to say this will be our very first post of the year.

oh god, each year I keep on telling myself to update this blog as often as I can, but then again I terribly fail to do so; and I get a lot of the same excuses as the previous years. So I won't bother much explaining.

So here is a quick update, which to put it: is a must to share this development.

Finally, it is graduation month, and finally as a parent, I'm proud to say I have a son who is graduating... graduating from pre-school that is. Yes hooray! for my first born.

Congratulations! Zai Angelo A. Cortes. Mom and Dad are so proud of you for making it to the top ten in the whole pre-school level; I knew you were gonna make it.

Congratulations also for passing the entrance exam in your soon to be new school, from a carolinian you'll be proud to say that soon you're going to be an atenista!

Zai Angelo, beams his cute smile in his graduation picture. 
way to go young man!

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good luck also on your school play, of all the pupils you are chosen as the narrator!