and so it's march

yes it is the third month 2013 and sad to say this will be our very first post of the year.

oh god, each year I keep on telling myself to update this blog as often as I can, but then again I terribly fail to do so; and I get a lot of the same excuses as the previous years. So I won't bother much explaining.

So here is a quick update, which to put it: is a must to share this development.

Finally, it is graduation month, and finally as a parent, I'm proud to say I have a son who is graduating... graduating from pre-school that is. Yes hooray! for my first born.

Congratulations! Zai Angelo A. Cortes. Mom and Dad are so proud of you for making it to the top ten in the whole pre-school level; I knew you were gonna make it.

Congratulations also for passing the entrance exam in your soon to be new school, from a carolinian you'll be proud to say that soon you're going to be an atenista!

Zai Angelo, beams his cute smile in his graduation picture. 
way to go young man!

final dose:
good luck also on your school play, of all the pupils you are chosen as the narrator!


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