idle hands are the artist's tools

One lazy afternoon at work, Toni faces his computer with a blank look on his face. This is boredom in its entirety, he thinks. He clicks on his chat box and sends a message to Alli, "hi ASL."

Alli, a floor above Toni, is quite busy in her office, reading a thick book on witches and warlocks.

Her computer makes a pinging noise and she glances up irritatingly.
Who dares disturb my concentration??? she fumes silently while clicking on Toni's message. "ASL???" Alli indignantly bellows. She furiously types back "ASL is sooooooo yesterday, Toni. What do you want???"

"ASL=Alli So Lovely" Toni replies, leaning back in his chair with a besotted look on his face. Typical of Alli to reply scathingly. I know her so well, Toni grins.

Alli abandons her book for a lost cause.
Toni seems to want to exchange 'sweet nothings' today... he's definitely bored out of his mind. "TSR=Toni Super-Robo" she messages back.

Laughing, Toni types "There's no TSR in chat. I'm CTC=Cutie Toni Cortes."

Alli signs out of chat.

With nothing else to do, and with no one to bug, Toni blog-hops and fortunately bumps into a link. His computer hangs, he is forced to restart it. Finally, after about an hour of changing PCs and logging into the site, he finally has something to show for all his effort!!!

Alli reluctantly signs back on because of Toni's email, "I have something for you... but I won't show you until you chat with me."
Blackmail??? This better be good. And when she saw the Simpsonized pictures...

it was all good.

final dose:
toni badly
wanted to watch the simpsons movie.
but for some reason
or other, he wasn't able to.
so here's hoping the Corteses get Simpsonized.


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