out of the box

we got new sporty watches.
for her and for him by timex.
and we got them for free.

I just want to boast.
I want to brag because it's worth bragging about.

poster-making contest grand champion for two consecutive years.

Now, won't you be proud of that? Not to be rude, but other contestants just don't think out of the box, and it's not even a question of having artistic skills. It's how you want to present the artwork, it's how you portray the theme and of course the uniqueness of the art itself. I didn't have any hesitations in joining the contest because I knew I had what it takes to win. The first time I won something like this was back when I was still a freshman in high school. It was by accident though, as I never imagined my work to be included in the contest since it was just an art project, but it won the grand prize and bested even the work of the senior students.

Confidence works to my advantage, as I am now part of the creative committee of our company. We conceptualize concepts for company events and launchings. It's an added workload but I am not complaining as of yet since I love what I do and it's not the usual routinary work.

Last year, the prize was a gift checque worth P2,500 for pod5 (a high-end karaoke bar), which we still have not enjoyed due to conflicts in schedule.
This year my team also coveted P5,000 for our summer floor decoration, which stood out among all the others. Almost all of the decorations were about beaches, sea and sun -- again, it's all too common. We dared to be different -- summer camp and enjoy the great outdoors was our theme. The prize money was recently spent in our team dinner at Chika-an Cebu, a native filipino restaurant.

permit me to be blog with arrogance, this is just my way of being proud and happy.

final dose:
getting the prize was easy with the help of wifey and teammate justin.
wish i could show the pictures of the winning art piece
but sad to say, it's now for exclusive use of the company.


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angel said...

i need to leave my comments here....heheh... pare unsa mani?.. abi nako dre mgchat...ahhahaha.. btaw nindot ni... au2x mo family ..hehehe


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