she's our neighbor

it's 4 in the afternoon, she calls out my name ---
come here and let's play now!!!
she lives just across our house, i see her every morning looking so fresh.
such a cute three year old girl with chinky eyes and a fair complexion.
Sofia and I met one sunny afternoon as I was holding my mom's hand, strolling in the streets of our village. This girl ran up to me and peered into my face, saying "Hi little boy. I'm Sofia. What's your name?" Unable to talk, I looked up at her curiously and pursed my lips. My dad taught me to greet every girl with a kiss, and I was about to comply when another lady came. It was Sofia's mom, come to take Sofia home. What started out as a friendly getting-to-know-your-neighbor chat has now been an afternoon routine.

She gave me a real good alphabet book as a birthday present, which I constantly read. She also gave me her video CD of Elmo and Sesame Street, which I enjoy watching, singing and dancing to.

My weekday afternoons are usually spent at Sofia's house playing, eating cookies and drinking fresh milk for snacks. We also love strolling together around the village, sometimes she comes over to our place to play and watch television.

Every time my parents ask me how my day was.. I always find myself answering -- "I was at Sofia's house again, playing..."

Oh, Sofia... she's like an older sister to me.
Ever since my cousins were not able to visit me anymore, she has been my constant playmate. I thank her for teaching me things and sharing her toys and kid stuff...

final dose:
a different story about sofia when you click here
enjoy some photographs when you click this link


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