on his own

"That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
~ so neil armstrong said...
Now he knows how to walk, next thing you know he'll bring his girlfriend home for dinner. Nah, this is just far too crazy a thought.

It is of great pleasure to see the little boy able to walk now. We were hoping he could walk before he turned a year old so he'll enjoy walking during his birthday party. But we later realized, that it is harder now to watch over him since he'll go walking around the room messing things up. Walking around the house -- to the kitchen, opening cupboards, cabinets and even the refrigerator door; to the living area -- moving figurines and pushing couches (yes he can move light couches). Little boy's ambition is to climb the stairs; he pulls electronic wires, and even tinkers with the television set and stereo.

Sometimes, we think -- so now he's walking, don't you just wish he could just stay put and be that little sleeping angel in his crib.
This is a stage that we need to go through, raising a kid ain't easy.
Motherhood is always the hardest profession and also add fatherhood to that.
It's his first steps, we are first time parents, we can't be happier seeing him gracefully (or not) walk on his own.

final dose:
picture taken @ archbishop's palace garden
a related video on little boy walking can be viewed when you click here and here


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alli said...

i couldn't be more proud... mmmmmwwwwwwwaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!


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