enough to worry about

How can I be so busy trying to come up with a blog regarding the freaking news I read about Britney Spears' custody case. My mind can't compose, my fingers key in more text in my cellphone rather than type on the computer's keyboard.

I've been checking little boy's condition every now and then through text messages and phonecalls. I feel so guilty going to work and leaving little boy at home with his awful dry cough that sounds like the dog's bark of my Uncle Boy's great dane. No I'm not kidding of how my son's coughing sounds like -- I pity him everytime he coughs because I know for sure that he is having a hard time. But what the heck, a father has to work and got to do what he needs to do.

Wifey is on a teambuilding trip in Moalboal together with her co-trainers and supervisors and won't be back until early Sunday afternoon. She also felt guilty going on the trip. Before she left early this morning, we let little boy take his medicine as well as vitamins.

Dry cough plus colds and a temperature of thirty eight degrees celcius gave us enough to worry about.
As absentee parents for the day, we prayed and crossed our fingers that our son would be alright and would recover pretty soon.

This is not the first time that we were worried about our kid, any parent probably will feel the same way. The weather has been erratic, and the never ending news about dengue has always feared us. God forbid.

When situations like these arises. I have always told myslef to have enough COMPOSURE, and a lot of STRENGTH to endure, plus a handful of GRACE to face the adversity.

Well the good news I received from Mommy Day's text message is:

Ton, nag ki-at na si angelo, pero amo gihapon gisige kuhaan og temp. ni palit ko addtnl tambal sa ubo og sip-on. at least ni kaon na cya cereal og ni inom milk. temp nya is 37.3 na lng.
And my only hope is that he'll be well enough when I get home.

final dose:

i'll get back on that britney spear's custody case when i'm more focused
on second thought, that would already be an old news, so why bother...


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