number 3 on the third day

When I can't keep my train of thought on a single topic, this is what happens!

oh let me blame it on the weather, bad weather -- you have been really erratic lately.

After religiously taking his medicines and vitamins, finally little boy is back to his old self.

Playful. Mischievous. Energetic. A Rascal. Lively and Spirited.

Here are jolly pictures of him, on the morning he finally made a full recovery.

It was almost three agonizing days -- suffering with fever, cough and colds. Good thing his condition never got any worse. On that very same day, I gave little boy a much needed quality playtime capped with a television treat. From browsing through cartoons to watching Dora the explorer, Spongebob, Blue's clues, videos of Bible Stories, Elmo and everything that falls under kiddie shows.

After watching all this together, I couldn't help but notice that there seems to be something interesting with the number three.

So here's a little rundown of my observations.

In the show Dora the Explorer, which encourages viewers to interact and answer (not bad at all for a kiddie show), in one episode for example -- Dora asks a question about where Swiper is hiding. So she points to the first location, which obviously isn't where the little fox is hiding, points to the next location, which is also an incorrect answer, and lastly points to a third location, which for some dubious reason shows Swiper's recognizable face and tail. Other episodes of the show basically have the same concept and still has the answer on the third option. The third clue you'll find in the show Blue's Clues is also the missing link for all the clues and the most important one. Elmo of Sesame Street always counts to three before he starts to sing or dance. If it's always that way, what will kids think?

Now those are just three examples for you.

Ever imagined why trios are almost always famous? - the three stooges, the three musketeers, even the gwapings.
Players using the number three on their jerseys are also undeniably very skillful - Dwayne Wade and Allen Iverson, to name a few.
Then there are also trilogies - lord of the rings, the godfather and indiana jones.

Well, point being -- little boy recovered after three days just like Jesus rising from the dead on the third day.

Alright, three days of not being able to post any dose from us... here's our latest update, from us - from the family of three.

final dose:
why weren't humans created on the third day?
why don't cats have three lives instead of nine?


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