is it in you?

We don't know if it is innate in everyone to be amazingly observant or it could be that unknowingly, people have the natural ability to quickly notice errors and mistakes.

It is a laughing matter -- a mispelled word, the wrong pronounciation, a hilarious picture, sights, signs and bloopers. A certain website chronicles all of these --

HIMANTAYON: A True Story. Chronicles the limits of our humanity -- in pure, unadulterated Cebuano. We don't mean to eavesdrop, but some people are just too darned loud. Bato-bato sa langit, ang maigo, ayaw'g ka-panic!

Himantayon, is a bisaya word which we can't seem to find the english term for. To save time from browsing the web for the translation of the word, let us quote one of the definitions stated on himantayon's website.
Jam Jovir would aptly define:
“A himantayon (taken from the Cebuano root word “mamantay / bantay”, meaning “to mind, to be aware”) is someone who is always on the look out for what others do or say, and is always mindful of the events in his or her sorroundings. Reasons for this “increased awareness” may vary from gossip-gathering to playful mockery and even in some cases, social vigilance.”
We check the website as often as we check our blogsite, and every visit never fails to bring laughter.

Is it in you to be Himantayon??

Our submitted entries proudly prove we are.

Visit the site and give yourself some good laughs today, you might even get to share your own himantayon experience.

final dose:
credits to our friends HIMAN and TAYON for creating this site
and the creative Yan2x, for the site's design.


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akosikai said...

down lagi ang site momi and dadi,=(

A.Cortes said...

lagi down ang server ganina.. pero okay na man karon kai.. yehey!!!!


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