sunday contemplation

He hurriedly hailed a jeepney as soon as he got out of the mall. He didn't want to be late for the second half of his shift. It was about fifteen minutes to four in the afternoon and he had thought hours earlier of being absent the whole day but couldn't sacrifice missing a day's worth of earnings.

It was good to hear Sunday mass with the family, a sumptuous lunch, shopping at a duty free store and strolling in the mall. He thinks, it'll be just four hours at the office and I can be back home with my family around eight thirty in the evening.

Since it was a weekend, the jeepney he was riding only had five passengers including himself. Across him was a young man probably in his early thirties, professional-looking in a well ironed light gray polo, blue denim jeans and shiny black leather shoes. The man had with him bundles of rolled papers, which he knew for certain were architectural drawings and blueprints. The man reached for his cellphone and answered in a courteous tone.
"hello sir, yes I have with me the building plans plus the paperwork, I'm on my way now... okay, let's meet at the coffee shop."
After the call, the man paid the jeepney fare to the driver with a look of excitement on his face.

Surprisingly, they both disembarked at the same location.

He lighted up a cigarette before proceeding to his office; on the other hand, the man met up with a person inside a coffee shop.

The man might get a good fee for his work today, he had this thought in his mind. What could that project be? he wondered. Is the man a licensed architect? he questioned.

As much as he didn't want to get on the elevator and be at his workstation to start again on a routinary, no brainer work of answering dumb American customers about internet connection problems. He didn't have any other choice but to comply.

While sending text messages to his wife, he contemplated about something. With a blank stare at his monitor, he wished he had a job like that of the other man. He made a strong promise to himself though -- that after he can finish all of the needed requirements, he will bravely take the board exam as he can't wait to work on what he loves to do... his great passion for architecture.

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Wrecks said...

You can make it, dawg! Good luck!

A.Cortes said...
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A.Cortes said...

i hope so i can.. good for you naka transfer na jud ka og lain na company.. godspeed na lang nimo dawg.. i miss you here.. hehehe =)


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