and so i'm envious

contrary to what many of my officemates think, I'm not that good with adobe photoshop.

Let me do autocad and coreldraw, as these are what I have already mastered. But I'm not like this lady friend I know, who already has great skills with photoshop. I'm learning and willing-- with all the online tutorials, ebooks and helpbooks -- I'm self-studying.
I wish to elevate my talent in the hopes of also attaining another skill, if you may call it that.

With all these hi-tech computer softwares, one can attain excellent works parallel to great painters, although they may be on a different medium.

The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci is arguably the most famous painting in the world. Now, I can imagine a copycat can be made with computer softwares like photoshop, illustrator or whatever other visual editing software is available on the market.

But I never thought it can be "done" with MS PAINT. Probably possible but not as detailed. If ever you've seen this video in youtube, you may opt not to continue, but for those who haven't yet, click play to feel the same amazement I felt.

final dose:
one laudable talent indeed
i'll try this one of these days


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Yan said...

ton, daghan tutorials sa youtube. explore, explore lang. that's how i learned.

oi, bago na lagi inyo theme. mao na ni? or do you still need a new one?

sorry, wa pa gyud koy time mu-explore ug blogger. but it's just css, so it should be pretty easy. ang oras lang nako ang problema. sowee.

A.Cortes said...

hi Yan,
bitaw daghan jud tutorials... nag kat-on2x na sad bitaw ko hinay hinay.
mao lang jud ang pirmi problema -- oras..

ok ra if dli pa na nimo mahimo, ganahan naman sad nuon mi ani na theme...

alli said...

you'll really "TRY IT" one of these days??? really now... dreams... hahay.


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