a sexy fulfillment

I feel super sexy today but I won't explain why until the later part of this blog.

Let me congratulate myself first for accomplishing a handful of projects. It was a busy week but quite worthwhile indeed. Although I was a bit late on the scheduled deadline, I'm proud to have finished my lighting fixture plan for a two-storey residential building, complete with all the needed details. Mr. Bojos also appreciated the outcome of my freehand lettering design, which he will use for his lecture class next week. Yesterday was my rest day and approximately one-fourth of the day was spent playing with the little boy -- some quality time that won't be considered unproductive. After my eyes got tired reading my daily and a few chapters from Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead, I found myself in front of the computer reading tutorials for adobe photoshop. I always told myself to finish reading the ebook, but with more than a thousand pages, I haven't found the time to do so. While reading, I also had photoshop open -- switching from reading to doing hands-on samples.

I concentrated on making the header for our blogsite. But with not enough knowledge about the software, the finished product you see on top of this page was created using coreldraw instead. Still, I am happy with the outcome, no matter how simple it is -- it's the joyful smiles in the pictures that I'm proud to show off. After making the header, I was also able to create a comic strip for the little boy. You might want to read and have a laugh, just click here to enjoy.

Yehey for me!!! for all the aforementioned accomplishments.

When I have a busy schedule, I tend to forget all of the other minor things that need to be done. Like how I promised to bring my Barong to the steam laundry and my weekly chore of tidying up the closet. Although these are forgivable, one "essential" thing that I totally forgot to do was to wash my undies.

Yes, you read that right. I learned how to wash my undies since the day I married my lovely wifey, I even washed little boy's diapers. (read: lampin) To be honest, I only have about two dozen all-white underwear. In one washing, I usually have about a dozen, sometimes almost twenty. But yesterday, when I thought that I still have a supply to last for three days, I took all the used undies and dumped them in the wash basin with water and soap, not knowing that it was all of my undies. So I mentioned the sad predicament I was in to wifey and sheepishly whispered that I wasn't wearing anything underneath my shorts . Since the undies needed to be soaked for a day, I totally ran out of something to cover and hold my thing, and boxers won't do for me if I'm going to work, they're just not comfortable.

As I'm writing this blog, let me tell you that I am wearing wifey's sexy panties. It feels different. It's silky and doesn't have the usual cotton feel.

And that's basically why I feel super sexy today. It's a weekend and I hate it that I'm at work while wifey and little boy are visiting Svetlana in Lahug. But I feel better every time I move my butt, knowing that I feel something different -- something which is better left to your own imagination.

Frankly, you need to be man enough to write something like this. I just can't let this experience pass, I know this is supposed to be a private matter, except that it's way too sexy not to be shared.

final dose:
the above picture is my present for wifey during her birthday
picture is not the one mentioned in the blog.


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