and i call him kiko

An excerpt from the article of Pepe Diokno of the Philippine Inquirer:

Save the rapper, save the world. Kids who wanted to change Earth once dreamed of becoming president. Today, our presidents are kids—physically, here, mentally, across the Pacific. So now, kids who want to change the world dream of becoming other things—like rappers, for example.

Francis M grew up, in his words, seeing violence and democracy being stifled. He was in Grade Two when Martial Law started—he would read newspapers, and see how little freedom was around him.“There’s anger right there,” he says, after I ask him what his early rap was about. “Back in the day, when hip hop was young, rap was used to voice out the sentiment of the disenfranchised … I didn’t grow up in a comfortable environment. I took the jeep. I took tricycles. I had my fair share of the street life. I’m a martial law baby—that’s disenfranchised right there.”

Fortunately, he took his anger and wrote an anthem for a Philippine utopia. “Every color, every hue, is represented by me and you,” he sang to 90’s trademark electric guitars and drums, inspiring thousands of Filipino GenX-ers.

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Okay you can call me a fanatic, but I can't deny that he has been my idol since the release of his YO! album. I have memorized and performed the song mga kababayan when I was in 3rd grade, love his cold summer nights hit, kaleidoscope world, girl be mine, and a lot more to mention. I bought some of his albums - rap is francis m., meron akong ano, freeman 1&2, the oddventures of mr. cool and the best of francism. Watched his gigs when he performed in Cebu - at harley's entertainment, zero below, ayala cebu and mtv shows. Not only is he a good songwriter and rapper, he is also a very good host, a great photographer, a director of short films and music videos and an icon in the music industry.

On top of having a great weekend with my family -- bought wifey a new pair of shoes and bought some clothes for the little boy -- I can't be happier and more proud to finally own an FMCC shirt. I asked my friend Steve to buy me an FMCC shirt when he went to Manila to watch the Switchfoot concert, but due to his busy schedule, he wasn't able to buy the shirt I have been wanting to have. Since it was a payday last friday, I decided to finally get one from a dealer here in Cebu.

I'm sooo loving it!!!! the design is sooo cool and the material is extraordinary comfortable. It ain't a cheap shirt and it's not mainstream. That's why I'm proud to be one of the few Cebuanos to own one. I bought the shirt just in time for the launch of the 3 stars and a sun embroidered polo shirts for men and women last September 15, held at X print Trinoma in Manila.

Francis M, sure has made an impact in the things he does best — he just may not be too self-promoting. He has styled the world with Pinoy Pride, given a voice to Philippine music, and while not many may know of his achievements, most Filipinos know at least one of his lyrics.

final dose:
my friend who also loves KIKO will surely envy this
to he, the effortless, gie, palit imo.... bleeh =)


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Glenn Oliver said...

hello! may i know who is the dealer in cebu? my friend in dubai is asking me to get one. im travelling on thursday. salamat.


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