how to train your kid

School is out and summer is in. And our little boy is all play all day.

Zai Angelo just finished nursery school this March and we want him to have at least a fruitful summer. Two months of vacation is just too long for him to stay at home most of the time. We're thinking of having him enrolled in a summer class, but there are a lot of choices , so we have shortlisted the ones that we think are appropriate for him to enjoy and to learn.

So here are our options: there's swimming lessons, music class, art workshop, summer school and various sports clinic.

The swimming lessons are held too far from our place, music class will just bore him (methinks), summer school is too academic, I can teach him art lessons myself, sports clinics are for older kids. Now the good thing is we have the Doce Pares headquarters right in our village and they're giving arnis/martial arts lessons. So we're kind of leaning towards that.

angelo showing less grin, inspired after watching the movie how to train your dragon

We'll update as soon as we have decided.

final dose:
If plans will push through, I will envy my kid for going into martial arts training, I never had this when I was little.


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gay repolledo said...

well, what d'you know! this blog is still going strong. i remember how toni used to blog at work, deep in his thoughts. he would then urge me to google "the corteses" with pride. i envy this page now! i do blog but it still is tied with friendster and i never found the time to start from scratch. here's looking at you , the Corteses! God bless you, Toni, Alli and Zai!

alli said...

hi gay, yup this blog is still going strong, slowly though... nice of you to drop by... give us a link to your blog so we could add you up...


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