the first step

So there he was, standing in line, waiting for his name to be called. And as soon as he took his first step onto the platform, I can't be more proud. The little boy, with his white shirt neatly tucked into his blue shorts, looking adorable, my son, just graduated from nursery.

Oh, I remember how fragile you were the first time I held you in my arms, but look at you now looking all grown up but still with the innocent face. And this, I tell you, will just be the first step to an even greater future, and all throughout, I'll try to be there with you. Always.

Zai Angelo showing off his certificate
Marie Ernestine North Campus, Cebu City

Congratulations son! You make mom and dad so happy and proud!

final dose:
Zai Angelo graduated with Class Merit award in Good Conduct and Behavior
exemplary classroom performance in Nursery Level, Academic year 2009-2010


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