finding the niche

There are days when I miss going to work in a big company that hires more than a thousand people. The scenes in the elevator, the queue in the pantry, the noise in the workstations. You see, I have a regular day job in an office filled with only five male employees, including myself. No gossip, no office love stories. Instead, we talk of sports, beer, of rock and roll, girls and porn. In an ordinary day, I busy myself with drawings, planning and even site visits, and the good thing is that I don't consider it routine.

Back then, I wrote in envy about not being in my chosen industry. Now, I have been exposed to my field, and have been learning for the past two years. I have been raring to explore much more of the tricks that will help me in my craft.

And on this month of march where new graduates will embark into the professional world, I am glad to have found my niche. I am glad that at least I am starting to find people who believe in my capabilities. Success though, will not be dictated by circumstance, but by attitude.

Passing the board exams in June would prove that I have the right attitude, and would cement my place in the world.

final dose:
this post is inspired by our new lawyer friends who recently passed the bar exams
CONGRATULATIONS to both of you!


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pedrokomentaryo said...

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A.Cortes said...

@pedrokomentaryo, thanks for the compliment, got to visit your site.

nice komentaryos =)


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