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Waking up at four thirty in the morning after a night spent over-indulging in beer was not really easy for me. As soon as I got out of bed, I had to rush to pack some clothes and a few necessities, intentionally ignoring to take a shower, knowing it will only let people wait for me longer. As I arrived at the meeting place, I felt the need to buy my recent addiction - premium roast coffee from McDonald's, the only means to perk me up for a two-hour drive to the south of Cebu. The thought of not being able to bring wifey and little boy along for a day of team building dampened my spirit for the long-planned trip.

In the hopes of getting at least a decent vacation, I let my body rest for most of the two-hour commute but my mind was left in the city. As we were in the town where ampao (rice crispies) is the delicacy, rain poured really hard and continued until we arrived at the location.
Rockwalled Resort is situated in the municipality of Dalaguete, a southern rural town of Cebu. Save for the view of the serene clear waters of Tañon Strait, I would not recommend the resort for those who want to enjoy the beach and the sand. Nestled on a cliff, one needs to go down for about 70 steps to enjoy a dip in the pebbly waters. If not for the games, karaoke and beer, I would have locked myself in a room to sleep until we return home.

There was non-stop rain, even until I was back in the city. I eagerly went to fetch wifey at the office, got home, drove back to JY square and unfortunately got stuck in traffic caused by the strong winds and rain of typhoon Lando, which stunned the whole province.

That was last week.

Unsatisfied with the turn-out of the much needed vacation, Wifey and I went to watch the Cebu Guitarfest 2007 last Friday at the Outpost.

Nothing beats a loving life partner, enjoying a night of great music in the company of good friends over a case of Red Horse. The three-night event showcased the very best guitarists of Cebu. A proud Cebuano can indeed boast of the booming Cebu music scene. In between the guitar riffs and the beer drinks, I won an event calendar when I correctly enumerated three guitarists who joined the event.
As the night progressed and the dosage of beer got to me, I(unfortunatley) ended up forgetting to bring the calendar home. You may call it winning or losing, but for the two guitarists we personally know, Jaan Quijano and Raul "Gaw" Luche, a salute to the great skill and commendable talent you both have. I hoped to be a good bassist, but I had to let go of that dream when I let go of my bass guitar.

You can name different ways of relaxing, each has his own preference. I definitely have "re-established" how I want to chill.

final dose:
i realized that i do not need to travel far to unwind.
i can do my unwinding right here.


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daddynator said...

since deleting haloscan...the comments were erase.

so i'll manually repost comments here..

jaan & roda said...

from jaan and roda

Alli and Toni

Guys, I really appreciate sa inyong pag-ato ani nga event. While I was on stage, I could hear you both cheering.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Ingon Andre and Teeban go out daw ta mga Sykes barkada this weekend.


Lotsa love and rock n'roll

- Jaan & Roda
Jaan | 11.28.07 - 7:23 pm | #

alli said...

ja, we were definitely WOWED by your performance. it was amazing. hope to hear more of JIMMY in the near future...

seriously dude, you were great. such talent and skill. and lots of heart into your playing. we salute you!

hugs and kisses and beer,

alli and toni
alli | Homepage | 11.29.07 - 6:40 am | #

marvz said...


i was there pud oi... hihi... apil bya ko ug cheer nila alli ug toni...

they were right about your ability... a bow to you my friend... you've made a mark... and if I'm not mistaken... you've done that already years ago... cheers to you jim...

mag inom lagi ta this weekend... unsa man?....

marvz | 11.29.07 - 12:43 pm | #


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