my vow not to buy anything at cdr king

This post will be my vow not to buy anything at CDR king from now on.

Yesterday (24June2013) was my first time ever to buy at CDR king. I can't even believe it was my first. I had no other choice after having been to other stores looking for a "clip type" reading lamp for wifey. CDR king had a handful of choices in fancy yet inexpensive, say cheap clip type reading lamps. So I bought one for three hundred bucks. I had it all tested and checked.

When I got home, I planned to install it before wifey gets home so she can use it by the time she'll read a book to sleep. Lo and behold, the clip, even before having to clip it to the window sill broke right after.

The staff at CDR king reminded me that they have a 7 day replacement policy. So this morning I went back and ask for a replacement, but much to my surprise, they wouldn't. Saying it's "physical" damage.

What the efffff!

The product itself is sub-standard in the first place. Physical damage or not, the clip is part of the product and should be part of the replacement. But I would not want to rant any further.

Again, this is just my vow, I promise never ever to buy at CDR king. And I effin' curse that cheap no class store.

final dose:
CDR king you suck big time!


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