his trick of light

As this has long been an overdue project, starting this month, the Corteses will be mentioning quotable notables. From friends, family, relatives or even online pals - a write-up of noteworthy individual(s) of the month will be recognized, so to speak.

Even with a bad start for the year, the month of January will always be rememebered as festive. And on that note, what better way to recognize a man who has captured the "essence of the festivities" - in his snapshots.

"the bigmakoy"

Mark Austin Ladanan

his are the works of an aspiring lens man, a fervent enthusiast of photography
a well-rounded musician, with an astounding talent for the drums
with his creative ideas, he is his own boss and works as an IT consultant
get to know the many facets of our man of the month for January
view more of mark's photos here and on his site

pictures of us taken by bigmakoy himself
grabbed from his lovely girlfriend's multiply site

final dose:
from now on, men, women and children will be featured every end of the month
criteria is based on the Corteses' personal standpoint.


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yan said...

naks! tagay pa ta! (bahala na nasakit! hahaha)

A.Cortes said...

hehehe... amo baya ki kawat ang mga pics yan. bitaw nag sakit sad mi ron. ubo lang no-on.

kanus-a ang sunod na pictorials? aw tagay diay?

yan said...

sa UP fair na ang sunod! yey!

bigmakoy said...

Ah ngiga! Kakuyaw! Hahahahaha!

Thanks, guys! Salamat! :)

I'm just really enjoying this newfound hobby of mine.

Actually, I just got back from a whole day photoshoot with Jon sa Parola sa Liloan. Kapoy sad oi BUT lingaw!

Salamat sa pag-appreciate. :)

UP Fair na!

bigmakoy said...

By the way...

SIDE A!!!!!!

A.Cortes said...

ikaw ang deserving na first feature makoy... ahehehe

2weeks na lang UP fair na..yehey!!!!

ahaka jud anang side a oi..ayaw isibya oi...

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